Chessnut EVO – The Tesla of Electronic Chess Sets

Sit back my friends, and get cozy as we take a look together at the Chessnut EVO! Although still in preproduction stage, the Chessnut EVO is a very promising chess board that seems to pack all the features you can expect out of a chess set. Moreover, there is a considerable number of features that are not seen in any other chess sets that I am sure many people will find exciting, and practical. In order not to miss on any important features of the board, be sure to watch the video entirely! Thank you for stopping by!

Kickstarter link for purchase, not sure if my promo code alsuchess will work during purchase, always worth a try:



  1. 2 player evaluate? with one player evaluate on and one player evaluate off?

  2. Lots of bots comments here. Ps. This board is stupid. A giant screen and a supposedly chess AI? All to be outdated within a year of release. And the board is way too small to begin with.

  3. Waouuu… Thanks a lot for this ! Regards from France !

  4. Computer chess has come a long way since "Boris" was let loose on the public in the late 70s.

  5. Seems like a great product for serious chess hobbyist.

  6. Any news about my previous question? In addition the Software and voice are only in englisch ? Regards from switzerland french part

  7. Looks wonderful, expecting it to be super expensive.

  8. One question the screen is enough big but i have some eye problems too read small caractères. May i connect a galaxy tab s9 ultra too ? In case off? Or for me the Best option is too buy the model without the screen thanks in advance for your precious help

  9. so if you play online you have to move both your own and the opponent's pieces right? what happens if you mess up and the position on the board doesn't match the data online? also seems like the online players would have a massive advantage on time :/. good looking board though

  10. Can you practice chess openings with it?

  11. I ordered it through your link. If you use newevo as a discount, they cut the price to $509. Anyway, can the engine training app allow you to load, say Rubinstein games, and play against that engine?

  12. Really cool product. I recently purchased the 15.7 inch Millennium Mephisto Phoenix, and I absolutely love it. So beautiful. If something inspires you to play, and train more, then it's all the worth it.Like how there are more options at differing price points.

  13. Well, I'm not impressed by Teslas so …..

  14. Guys, i need help. I wanna get a chessboard for myself that can move pieces on its own (robotic arms) but i am not sure if it has many levels of strength. I wanna be able to simulate a play with real person kind of feel, ya know, since the missus aint interested in the game. But i see so many other computer chess boards!

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