Clash of Top 4: Magnus v Fabiano & Wesley v Nodirbek! Champions Chess Tour Finals 2023 Semis Day 1

The biggest tour in chess all comes down to this. The top eight players from this year’s Champions Chess Tour have traveled to Toronto for the LIVE Finals to determine the 2023 champion! The final week of competition features chess legends Magnus Carlsen and Hikaru Nakamura, fan favorites Fabiano Caruana, Maxime Vachier-Lagrave and Wesley So, as well as young superstars Nodirbek Abdusattorov, Alireza Firouzja, and Denis Lazavik!


The Champions Chess Tour is a massive chess circuit including six events that took place throughout the year. The 2023 CCT Finals is the closing event of’s most important event to date with the top 8 players meeting in Toronto, Canada, in a thrilling last clash for the title and their share of the overall $2,000,000 tour prize fund. Join GothamChess, Robert Hess, David Howell, Tania Sachdev and more for all the coverage!

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  1. Why put Armageddon in the title? It's a spoiler for how the match plays out.

  2. The whole Armageddon time reveal with Kaja is honestly the most awkward and cringe thing ever. You can tell the players hate doing it, and it’s just so stupid and pointless. Just tell us who won and start the game.

  3. Thanks production team for making me watch the corner of the screen for hours.

  4. Levy is enjoyable to watch on his Gotham channel. However, his insecurities make him unwatchable as a guest commentator for this event. Danny gives him chance after chance to warm to the occasion but Levy just can’t navigate his way through. Hopefully he relaxes in the future.

  5. 46:54 here Z commentators should explain why fabi didn’t capture d4 then e4; again 51:37 again here the didn’t explain y Carlsen didn’t capture b5. They just talk. So please analyze the game. Like fabi did wcc b/n carlsen & nepo. Concentrate more on the game

  6. i don’t understand if magnus just beat fabiano why does he have to play fabiano tomorrow again ? what are these stupid rules?

  7. This is ridiculous. Even when he's playing like crap, rolled out of bed, didn't comb his hair and at the same time Fabi was playing great, Magnus still wins.
    We need someone to challenge him.
    Tom Brady had Peyton Manning.
    Magnus needs a Peyton.

  8. Danny Rench is full of himself and arrogant. I don't like him.

  9. 🤣🤣🤣 if this is Magnus not playing at his best I wonder what super sayayin Magnus looks like 🤣🤣🤣

  10. Give me Carlsen-Caruana over Carlsen-Nakamura in classical chess any day of the week. Fabi has an ability to really make Magnus think like no other. In their championship match, Fabi was competitive in every game and even had a chance to win. Magnus basically owns Nakamura in classical.

  11. It is so nice of Magnus to tidy up the game after he is done playing.

  12. Neither have I and have never been eaten by a tiger either.

  13. levy is such an angry dude, i feel. not vibing with him. i like eric rosen.

  14. Levy stared at Magnus like he was in love 😂

  15. Hard to see the board. Please eliminate photos

  16. Noderbek (excuse the spelling) getting Nervous around that lady, huh? 😅

  17. Too many Jews in chess broadcasting. Disgusting.

  18. 30:00 but those detectors just detect the external signals, which are not necessary for cheating. a player can smuggle an autonomous micro-computer on himself

  19. Why is there no alarm on the smartwatch, 29:41?
    maybe it is there (i heard a small beep)

  20. Caruana shouldn't have sacrificed the rook.

  21. Wow, Magnus! So impressive. That first game was so crazy!

  22. Finally some actual good chess in the Magnus-Fabiano Armageddon game and not just blunder city like the other games

  23. one thing to be noticed is about fabiano calmness whether he is winning, losing , under severe time pressure or either lost winning positions in 1 move he doesn't react a little and keeps himself calm, thats so legendary and weird at the same time

  24. World number 2 can't beat a hungover Magnus lmao

  25. Who won between Magnus and Fabi in Game 3 ?

  26. Excuse me, but Abdusattorov is THE talent of the youngsters.

  27. I'm sorry but it is NOT pronounced "AbDUsotrov"! The most important syllable that makes his name sound as fierce as he is being dropped. Worse, it is the syllable where the accent is. It is AbdusatTORov, Ab-doo-sat-TOR!!-ov. Respect the players by pronouncing their names correctly!! You know who you are. 🙂 I am incredibly surprised that someone did not step in to correct this. This is extremely important. It is also extremely grating to hear over and over and it tends to sour things.

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