Daniel Naroditsky plays Hikaru in Bullet | 10 Games

Danya plays a 10 game bullet match against Hikaru Nakamura after the Chess.com tournament- Bullet Brawl (the score is 5-2 at the start due to the games they played in the tournament; I made a video of those games- )

Clips from GMNaroditsky Twitch-

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  1. Barely escaped adoption here. Hikaru was on a roll that day.

  2. Una cosa es ser uno de los mejores y presumir que Daniel fue un niño prodigio y otra ser un súper Gm múltiple campeón de blitz y rápidas en la vida real y ser varias veces top 1-2 en blitz

  3. Usually there's not that big a difference between these two in online bullet, but today it was just a slaughter. Hikaru was on one and Danya just couldn't cope. Except for that smothered mate of course 😂

  4. I already watch YouTube at 1.75x. this chess is even more insane for me.

  5. I just had to make sure that I did not watch the video 2x Speed. Its insane how fast they are!

  6. When you’re doing amazing in cod and they put you in a real lobby😂

  7. Hikaru isn't weaseling out of anything. He's laughing as he's playing as usual. Just watch his streams…

  8. Inhuman speed with extreme accuracy. It's Hikaru dude 😂

  9. what did you expect from the disrespect champion of the world

  10. from 8:15 till end of that game my brain spat out memory out of bounds error.

  11. 6:58 "He is just a computer today, not much i can do… 🙁"
    That line cracked me up 😂 Hikaru is an alien

  12. playing since childhood compulsively turns you into a monster

  13. If the clock gave Hikaru :30 and me 6 years, I’d lose in 3 minutes

  14. The one checkmate for Daniel was actually due to a mouse mistake from Hikaru when he grabbed the king instead of the rook and castled at the very wrong time! Hikaru instantly predicted a checkmate against him after his mistake.

  15. Daniel knows everything about chess except how to beat Hikaru … haha 😂

  16. im having a seizure and brain failure watching this

  17. Me looking at this video like wtf is going on… Pausing every two seconds to figure out what was moved and them both premoving is insane…smh I’ll always be below average but I like the game.. My mind just doesn’t work that way😂😂😂

  18. 9:25 I think he had e2. if he takes the bishop, you can take on a2 deflecting the rook from the promotion square.

  19. I think when one says "weasel" upon losing and also "keep making blunders" – neither of those things happen against an inferior player. It's not really weaseling – it's positioning and blunders are often forced because of time, pressure, the board etc…all things influenced by your appointment – especially in this case.

  20. Imagine dedicating your whole life to a single game just to get dominated game after game to a guy talking to his chat most of the time

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