Daniel Naroditsky plays Hikaru in Bullet | 10 Games

Danya plays a 10 game bullet match against Hikaru Nakamura after the Chess.com tournament- Bullet Brawl (the score is 5-2 at the start due to the games they played in the tournament; I made a video of those games- )

Clips from GMNaroditsky Twitch-

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  1. 02:24 why tf didn't he force a rook trade for a knight with Knight f2 (instead he played Rooke b2!!!)06:59 why not Rook d5 (instead he traded Knight for Bishop)

  2. At least somone has a loger losing streak than me.

  3. It's hard to sleep after loosing 😅

  4. You know that hikaru is a monster because nobody thinks

  5. I get they are super GMs and all, but it's crazy the awareness they have of the pieces, and how they rarely blunder while playing at lightning speed lolNot to speak of the precision they get, that is probably much higher than my precision in blitz games.

  6. These matches are the biggest debunk to Kramnik's ideological fairytale that Hikaru is cheating. He's a machine, and his mouse skills are unparalleled. Couple that with the fact that he regularly farms players rated 3200, and you quickly understand why he's rated 3300. It's just the elo food chain.

  7. Meanwhile on hikaru's end "why am i playing terrible today. Let'sfocusup"

  8. 0:53 "he's weaseled himself out of that one"

    Weaseling our way out of things is important to learn, it's what separates us from the animals.

    Except the weasel

  9. Imagine Danya actually raging and starts breaking stuff 😂

  10. Unfortunately even the single win he had it was a mouse slip from Hikaru

  11. Why am I watching this? I have zero intuition at this speed

  12. Daniel was winning every game until he wasn’t 😂

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