Desperate Chess

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  1. 'The knight is about to get captured for free'That knight captured a rook

  2. My dumbass think that i play as black in the last example 💀

  3. Believe it or not desperado is an Indian song😂

  4. I thought the last one I was playing as black

  5. I frequently offer up blunders for blunders and im starting to think its why im losing

  6. the term desperado sounds a lot cooler than it actually is

  7. In the last one, why can't you just take the queen at the beginning?

  8. Bro unlocked domain contraction: unlimited smartness

  9. Mu dumb ahh said "qe5 then pawn takes then bishop checks then rook takes queen"

  10. i'm confused why wouldn't i move the queen one step over so that if they take the rook it's protected? if this is a stupid question i apologize but wouldn't i wanna avoid trading queens if i'm in a better position to get theirs without giving up my own?

  11. How was I supposed to know which side’s supposed to play 💀

  12. On the last clip part can’t he just go queen h5?

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