Desperate Chess

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  1. No joke, but I've played a desperado so many times without knowing, so thanks Levy!!

  2. You should tell whether it's white of black to move, because I thought it was black to move, and didn't even get a chance to solve the puzzle.Call me dumb, call me all sorts of things, but a little heads up would be worth it for other videos.

  3. In the last clip, can someone please explain to me why you NEED to sacrifice ur own queen when theres no dangers into just taking the black queen?, why be up a bishop when u can be up a queen?

  4. But I also lost my queen so I am only 3 points up but if I took the free queen I would be 9 points up

  5. I'm spanish and I can proove "desperado" is not a word. Desperate = desESperado

  6. so the pilot in 2001, new york did some kind of desperado

  7. Me being dumb thinking I am playing black trying to find a desperado

  8. I’ve realized how much better I’ve become at chess thanks to him when I noticed that at the end, you win the pawn if black takes the horse with pawn instead of bishop because of en passant in the second example

  9. At the end I was thinking you could move the White queen to F3 to guard the Rook and threaten the Black queen from two ways.

  10. I thought I was supposed to be playing black on the last board. Whoops.

  11. Who was thinking he gonna say The roooooooooook

  12. Remember Desperado like in example 2 only works if their knight can't attack a piece either, otherwise it's double Desperado.

  13. The entire time I was trying to solve this I was looking from blacks perspective 😅. I'm not good at chess at all 😂.

  14. That moment when the short doesnt load, and all you see is levy looking at you saying, do you ever feel

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