Desperate Chess

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  1. Qx7g with check than king takes, next rook takes queen

  2. for the last example, why not move the queen to h5 so it still defends the rook?

  3. Joke's on you I can win that bishop and queen and still lose somehow

  4. this video made me feel like my elo was higher than 2

  5. I have never been this early before

  6. In the first one u could have just attacked his queen with the other knight

  7. In the last example you can move the quen to f3 or h5 so you still keep your queen and still defend the rook

  8. How do I pause the vid in YouTube Shorts?

  9. wouldn't qh5 be a better move in that position? rook stays covered by the queen, pawn stays covered by the rook

  10. I was thinking we were black… some thing take the bishop then take the queen

  11. The queen in the last position is free why would you trade your queen for a bishop

  12. Last example is weird tho, why be +1 points up when you can take the queen for free? The queen wasn’t in danger, or am I stupid

  13. Fun fact: Desperado is a loan word from Spanish meaning desperate.

    The original word is a bit different however "desesperado"

  14. Was i the only one who thought it was Black's move in the last one 😭

  15. I thought I was supposed to play as black so I though of checking the king and then taking the rook… 😅

  16. Help out, here. Why does white has to play desperado instead just going H5?

  17. please tell me what side i’m supposed to find the move for..

  18. You couldve attacked the queen with your knight, then you could do smth else

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