Desperate Chess

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  1. I thought we were black for some reason.
    Anyway, it’s bishop to D4 if it’s black to move.

  2. Why can I never see the back rank

  3. We can takes queen for free😂

  4. когда спрашиваешь как бы мы походили, сначала скажи, блять, чей ход….

  5. I thought at the end you were black
    In my mind I’m thinking you take the bishop with your queen, king takes queen, then you take the queen with your pawn

  6. The last one is what i bilieve is called in between move is when you are forced to trade but you win some material by giving a check but taking something back

  7. How about just eat the queen and now your a bishop and a queen up

  8. I just guessed the queen I saw a completely different thing that was wrong but I guessed the right piece

  9. I may be 100% wrong cause i suck but wouldn't black also sacrifice the queen to get a queen of it was blacks turn

  10. Levy:do you ever feel
    Me:like a plastic bag

  11. last example clearly Queen sac because black didint give a check😂

  12. How did that knight even end up there?

  13. At least tell us noobs whether we are playing black or white! 😄

  14. In last one why to sacrifice your queen just take opponents queen. If he gives a check with his bishop then took his bishop with your queen on e4

  15. Actually he's not getting for free cuz he probably got the rook earlier 🤓

  16. but why did the queen sacrifice herself if the rook just couldve took the queen?

  17. is that last one even better like you can just get the queen for free why sack your own for a bishop

  18. That knight probably took a rook though.

  19. Do you ever feel like a plastic bagContinue below

  20. what?you can just take the queen with the rook in the last game

  21. Bro you can literally take the opponent's queen instead if sacrificing your own queen

  22. Why would you take the bishop, I think being a queen up is better than a bishop up

  23. It was used by Japanese soldiers, so whenever they felt that enemies would capture them, the committed suicide to die an honourable death. This was known as "Hara Kiri"

  24. so its a sacrifice to win material. cool!

  25. Queen = 9 rook = 5 bishop = 3 vs rook and bishop = 17 vs 8 instead of 8 vs 5

  26. Bro i won my fyp page i cant scroll lower 💀💀💀

  27. My dumbass thought it was black's move 💀

  28. Bro lost some brain cells in last example

  29. My dumbass thought I was white 💀

  30. Ahhh and why would you need to sac a queen in last position? I can't believe Im that bad at chess…

  31. I FEEL VERY SMART, goes on to lose the next 10 chess games in a row

  32. For last one I thought it was black to move

  33. Gotham: you win a bishop! And of course you don’t want to win the queen!

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