I’m done with chess

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  1. I love positive stereotypes like going up agains indian players in chess 😂. Im the same way with japanese players when it comes to competitive video games. I just know I'm about to get railed 😂

  2. Now sit back and relax while watching Levy Insult himself for almost 30 minutes

  3. You peered into my soul at the beginning with that stare

  4. as a person who rarely plays online, i am rated 400. my friend is an 800. he wanted to play me in person. i smoked him with the london. I love the london ever since Levy made a video on it.

  5. You sound like you'd do a great Jesse Pinkman impression.

  6. One of the only videos that didn't involve direct mention of martial arts, andvits one of the only videos when it would make jut perfect sense, infornthat analogy with losingby points qnd winning by some definitive strike

  7. 26:55 after pawn to f5 there is forced mate in 5 but after queen to e2 it no longer is mate in 5. So that isn't the fastest way to win. It is obvious way to win because he either get checkmated or loses a queen. What is the sequence for the forced mate in 5? it isn't obvious to me.

  8. Who's in the video thumbnail:
    GothamChess, or Marty Feldman?

    Thanks for your videos!

  9. Strong Indians anyone know why my guess is because they found the chess ?♟️♟️♟️🗿🗿🗿🗿

  10. 1 blunder, subscribing to this channel recently. Thumbnail and caption scream "clickbait". I'm out of here.

  11. "Oh boy my opponents from India" is totally fine. Anytime you make sweeping generalizations about a nation or peoples its totally fine. Except when they are truths imperative to the survival of your country and reflect badly on a population. Then it's racism. Check out a study on the "competence downshift". It shows liberals dumb down their language when talking to minorities. Because they know. Because everyone knows. We're all just playing a game where we pretend not to see whats in front of us.

  12. damnnnnn now that's a good game. it's been a while since the last time I've seen a zugzwang loss

  13. Levy never fails to include GothamChess in his videos.

  14. The golden snitch is worth 500 points and ends the game so if the other team is somehow up 501 points and you catch the snitch, yeah, you lose the game

  15. Who paid that man money 💰 and how much did u pay💀💀💀

  16. I’m happy today, Levy didn’t tell me tell me get out of here.

  17. Levy has obviously been watching Capa Capetti…. do not resign!

  18. I used to like Levy. I'm just here to downvote and leave because of course he's not done with chess. He's making millions off it. Levy puts out good content, but I refuse to get baited by this garbage clickbait.

  19. that stare has been epic. I rate it 1000/10

  20. Why be embarrassed when on the long run you ended up winning

  21. Never give up. You're the best.🎉🎉❤😢

  22. Gonna be honest here, was not expecting that game to turn out in a win from gotham
    What a rollercoaster

  23. Levy looking like the honored one in the thumbnail

  24. I'm still here. Can I get out of here already?

  25. Amazing game, all those little tricks with 5 seconds on the clock…with the game already lost

  26. Lol, study a book on how to win at chess, don't study how to loose at chess 😊

  27. Now you know how I feel, analyzing my own games.

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