How To Learn & Study Chess Openings

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In this video, we talk about chess openings and how to study them. I discuss chess openings for beginners, theory – Sicilian, Caro Kann, Vienna, Kings Gambit, and London Opening vs Kings Indian. I show you openings databases and discuss various platforms and teach you to analyze games.

0:00 Introduction

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  1. Dude, you go way too fast its as tho your just randomly clicking paths and legal moves . I need chess knowledge based on variations ,what they are called and why we move to a certain spot. i don't mind your videos but it doesn't teach me.

  2. I love how he pronounces Chess like "chez" 😎😎

  3. database helped me right now so much! there are alwaya some position i strugge with but now had the time to analyze some!

  4. Returning back to chess after decades away. What’s the best path forward? Any online recommendations?

  5. I loved seeing all the Vienna gambit examples, because as a dumb 400 it's my favourite opening as white

  6. The more you play against a good opponent the more you learn

  7. Off topic, but I can finally beat Nelson consistently on challenge mode 🥳🥳

  8. Been watching your videos tryin to get better. They have been very helpful thanks bro ggs

  9. Wait is 1600 considered amateur? Am I dogshit?

  10. Jake has probably gotten tired of sending the link to this video toyone he knows.

  11. after I saw this video I got my first brilliant (by accident) and I'm 800 elo!

  12. I play chess with my dad and he places the queen of white/black in front of the king of black/white while setting up the board. I don't argue but it is kinda hard to play like that.

  13. "Chess is a competitive game and a war for a some people "

  14. Hi I have played chess in the past, I didn't even knew there was names for specific attacks, this sounds kind of biased gameplays, at least for me that don't know much about chess, the way I see it if you are doing a particular move doesn't it make you predictable?

  15. I am a noob. I thought chess is for a relaxing/fun time… you convinced me it is not. There is no creativity or intuition or anything interesting… just memory – how many possible moves did you have in memory. Just like a computer.

  16. wait, if i were to play the london, and my opponent responded with a king's indian, and then i castles queenside, wouldn't that make black's fianchetoed bishop more powerful if black ever launches a queenside attack against my king?

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