FRANK the chess god

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  1. " You can't blunder your queen if you don't have it."
    -Frank the chess god

  2. Damn I didn’t think I would learn something from frank as a 1200. But he taught me that you can’t blunder a piece that you don’t have. Thanks Frank

  3. There is a tale
    Of a boy named Frank
    A gm reincarnate
    And a voice deepener for levy

  4. For me as a 900 elo player you are basically a 500 who knows opening principles

  5. Frank is the prime example of:
    No excuses, Yes Wins.

  6. I like how I was 560 elo and he was 150 and now he’s 505 and I am 612 elo…

  7. I'm slowly working towards 500 (yes im bad) so his journey feels like mine

  8. I feel represented by Frank in many levels

  9. I feel represented by Frank in many levels

  10. Frank has a more intriguing story arch than the new disney movies

  11. Without Frank's queen he cannot blunder it 😂🤣

  12. 10 years later "today a world record has been broken. Frank became a grand master"

  13. Without the queen on the board, he can't blunder it😂

  14. « Frank is better without his queen because he cant blunder it »

  15. We learn from this video… don't trade queens with frank

  16. You can't hang your queen if your queen is already gone!

  17. Me an 800 elo player: How did he do that?

  18. He can't bounder the queen without a queen, what a genius

  19. “OH WE ARE CHEEKY” merch must hit the market

  20. Black played the intercontinential ballistic missle.

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