Game 14: 2023 World Chess Championship | Ding vs Nepomniachtchi

Featured is Game 14 between Ding Liren vs Ian Nepomniachtchi from the 2023 World Chess Championship match. We follow game 8 of this match with another Nimzo-Indian Defense. Ding deviates with 5. Bd2, and surprisingly enough we experience another fishing pole idea out of this opening, this time with a knight on g5. Ding quickly goes from optimistic of his attack to defensive after Nepomniachtchi’s 13th move. Going into game 14 the players are tied at 6.5 points each. The 2023 World Chess Championship is a best of 14-game match being played in Astana, Kazakhstan. The first player to earn 7.5 points will receive the lion’s share (60%) of the approximately $2.2 million prize pool and claim the most prestigious title in chess: ‘World Chess Champion’.

Image of Ding Liren courtesy of Lennart Ootes

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  1. Oh! Thanks Jerry! What a Thriller, I cant wait untill Sunday! 😊♟

  2. You are 'THE' best chess analyst of all the videos around. You have found a big big fan in me.

  3. Thank you so much for not spoiling the results in the video description or in your commentary. It's a huge benefit for those of us that watch these after the match and manage to avoid spoilers

  4. what an intense match. the tiebreak is going to be epic.

  5. It's really great jerry explains much of the game in full. I, speaking on behalf of the 'lesser' minds, appreciate the 'dumb' move explanations. I still think Jerry could slow down just a tad more, but who am I?

  6. It's really admirable that ding went with h4. Didn't work out, but was able to defend a tough position. Looking forward to tie breaks

  7. at 22:08 you can't give the rook check on a3, since it drops the e4 pawn

  8. 👴Back in my time, we used to have regular Jerry videos! Those were the days.

  9. Except for one game this has got to be one of the most inconsistent and boring matches of all time. With two people who have zero depth of character and personality.

  10. Interesting how you estimate the viewers' levels of expertise and annotate accordingly.

  11. Is it Jerry? Or Gerry, Gerrie, Geri, Jery, Jere, Jerrie, or Jeri?

  12. I need a book “Endgame for Idiots”. You may have been following a lot of those final moves & calculations, Jerry; not this kid.🫨

  13. Jerry move 14 how about Bxe6? No1 talked about it. My idea is simply 14. Bxe6 fxe6 15. Nxe6 and followed by 16.Nxf8. it's a bishop and a knight for 2 pawns and a room. I couldn't evaluate that position on my own. What do you think? Am I missing something obvious? Will check with computer later and update.

  14. So glad that this tournament is almost over. At least we will know who will be #2 in the world on Sunday.

  15. There is not such a thing as chance. For whichever way you choose, right or left, it must lead to an end and that end is our destiny. -Master Po Great commentary! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  16. Jerry gives the best championship game summaries because he doesn't rush through it. He goes slow enough that even a patzer like myself can understand.

  17. The World championship should not be decided on such a low number of games. And then right into rapid, which is, of lower quality of chess. Should revert back to playing at least 24 games.

  18. Interesting.
    Move 22. In another analysis they say the exact opposite about bishop d5 or c6.
    They say its better to go c6 first and then d5. and after pawn e4, you simple move pawn b6. white would have 3 pawn islands and black should have a clear positional advantage

  19. What UK time will the rapid games be played please? I'm guessing I can check Jerry out on Twitch for live coverage? I finally have a few days off so want to watch them live. Thanks.

  20. Last game, I wrongly said the YouTube graphic gave a hint as to who'd win. I am sorry for this comment. I'm a nubie. What a great tournament!

    Great commentary, as always.

  21. I'll never think that this move to rapid format is a fair or proper way to decide the winner but given how much money each will be making, the loser will not be a victim of it.

  22. it’s so interesting how quickly white backed down on the attack after h4

  23. My IQ just went up a good 10 points. Thank You, Jerry!

  24. And with rhat they crossed the border to the Rapid Land

  25. Exellent summary, thx a ton. Chess with Jerry is utter joy!

  26. Nepo rushing at critical movement might cost him world chess championship!

  27. Thanks Jerry, like Tony Luke's, you are the best.

  28. Finally. My sleep medicine is here.

    JK. I was trying to avoid game spoilers while waiting for this analysis. 😂

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