Will Frank Beat Magnus?

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  1. My man Frank is after the GM title. Mark my words.

  2. Frank is more than a legend, the fact that he was able to improve his ratings by ~25%, meanwhile Magnus is trying to improve it by less than 1% and failing. This show that Magnus is not even close to Frank's level.

  3. This isn’t a question Frank is extremely cheeky he would definitely would beat Magnus and he would eat Magnus’s queen like a delicious bowl of mayonnaise

  4. Frank actually sees mate in 37 and plays it out

  5. Strongest 600 I've seen for awhile! 😮 Gogogo Frank!! I wanna see Frank plays crazy sacrificial tactics in game!

  6. this video should have been a 2 second clip of levy saying "no"

  7. I started following you since the pandemic. Now you have over 3.7 million followers – awesome broski.
    Make that money 💰

  8. "rh5 we call dis a frank vianna" true gotham, very true

  9. Pin it levy
    Ladies and gentlemen, Have you ever seen a World champions journey from noob to Wc?well meet our FGM Frank, in maybe 1-10years we'll be watching this guy on world championship matches

  10. If i was magnus rn my umbilical cord would be shaking

  11. Excellent content. Real world stuff for us mere mortals.

  12. In all honesty, I think Magnus relinquished WC title because if he comes back in a year or two to reclaim it, it will gain far more attention.

  13. I know you had this whole vote on if we like or don't like the sounds… but the sounds can't be so loud. Thanks! Been loving your content for years!

  14. I just looked at Frank's games, a Total of 579- 235 wins and 270 loses
    He definitely needs to study more.

  15. I've been looking through the comments, and the amount of spam bots is genuinely horrifying. For every single top comment made by a human, I find 6-8 bots that wrote the exact same thing, but with more likes. Of the comments with more than 10 likes, over half are bots. Of the top 5 comments, 2 are bots, one with over 250 likes as of writing. Please people, actually pay attention to their usernames and profile pictures before you upvote them…

  16. Magnus has been really quiet since this dropped

  17. In my head, frank is only able to say "i am frank" and i am invested in this protagonist already.

    We are frank!

  18. I swear years from now there’s gonna be a famous picture of frank and magnus sitting down with a chess board between them with magnus having his hands on his head as frank has won but hey only time will tell

  19. That bishop sac with check was absolutely incredible for that rating.

  20. Do you know Frank? Or are you just cyberstalking and doing a series on some 600 FIDE dude with no idea he's YT internet-chess-famous, now?

  21. Frank is evolving so fast that Ding and Magnus combined are scared that he will outplay stockfish on max level

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