Mike Tyson A Chess Prodigy

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  1. why are chess plays mad why don't they just play normal chess

  2. Magnus destroyed Bill Gates in chess match, I dont think any of us could last more than a minute.

  3. Mike Tyson is a decent strength . I would say his definitely somewhere between 1400-1600.

  4. 😮😮😮I can't hold it 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  5. Andrew tate would be a god at this
    Anyone who can beat him in the ring will probably lose in chess
    And someone who can beat him at chess will lose in a fight

  6. Just like how you have weight classes and other categories in sports. It's the same in chess boxing. The contestants are usually evenly matched in both skills.

  7. "as long as he doesn't lose in the first 2 minutes"
    yeh good luck with that mike… good luck

  8. Bro Magnus would beat Mike Tyson in the first 5 moves

  9. Honestly the tactics they use are insane. Not bad to watch at all even if you barley know how chess is played (like me) lol

  10. This is made for Arnold Schwarznegger 💀💀Bro was strong and was 2000+ rated in Chess

  11. When Mike Tyson know about waiting for bell to ring:

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  13. Someone called me?A chess player thats about 1500 elo and can take down 3 unarmed average civilians?

  14. Queen sacrificeOpponent jaws gonna pay up for that.

  15. Mike Tyson is the greatest chess player

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