Mike Tyson A Chess Prodigy

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  1. Why do you guys always talk to each other in that weird way? Idk what is weird about it but it's weird AF.

  2. Tbh mate it's hard to do chess after the boxing especially with yer head smacked

    Adrenaline running, your head spinning that your eye gonna go blind and woosh
    You go chess blind

  3. Mike Tyson could beat someone so hard they can’t think.

    Or I’m pretty sure if their knocked out they can’t play chess so that works too.

  4. This is really ridiculous and why would you combine these two things, it doesn’t prove anything.

  5. Though seriously it’s literally made for Andrew tate😂

  6. Well in my expereience people who participate in chessboxing are just bad chess players AND bad boxers

  7. This looks like a chinese mobile game ad 😂 watch this then cuts to gameplay.

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