Google vs. ChatGPT: INSANE CHESS

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  1. Can someone tell me how to move pieces like this and how to play 1v1 offline from the same device

  2. This is like 2 3 year olds that found a chess set in the game closet

  3. I still think it might work better if you ask them to describe the board state after each move. The way they work, it's like playing blindfolded chess — they know how the board started and the list of moves to get to the current state, but neither of them has a very good memory. Asking them to describe the board will help them refresh their memories.

  4. Bro has a wardrobe like Saul Goodman. Where do you get your shirts from?

  5. LITERALLY…I am laughing with tearssss. Great job Levy! Great job!

  6. Wow, I haven't laughed that hard in awhile. LOVED the pawn taking backwards and forwards. And taking your own pieces… GENIUS!

  7. We NEED 14 games of this for the real world Champion!!!!

  8. 10:53 "Google Bard snaps back to reality, there goes gravity" 😂

  9. "A machine is said to be AI-enabled when it is said to mimic human acts and THINK the same way humans do."

    Okay, ChatGPT and Google AI Bard..

  10. 8:20 i was laughing, crying, dancing, jumping, singing, moking, weirding, feirding, derding and everything
    Also google bard is rated more than 69000elo so it is making queen leap from horse
    Who knew hanging a full queen while making a flipping knight active was cool
    Man i don't know just super duper grandmaster things

  11. Made my day 😀
    so funny do watch, thank you 😀

  12. bard really said made in heaven after he couldnt draw

  13. im really confused,on 9:17 the eval bar is on blacks side but isnt queen to f7 checkmate??? someone pls explain

  14. what gets me is how he screams out the absurd illegal moves in the same voice he uses for brilliancies

  15. This was hilarious! Did you make this up, or did the AIs actually play this?

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