Grandmaster spots this insane tactic with 3 seconds on the clock | GM David vs GM Nihal

Finding tactics under time pressure can be the deciding factor of the game. In round nine of the FIDE World Blitz Open Championship 2022, GM David Paravyan (2551) faced the Indian speedster GM Nihal Sarin (2702). Watch the video to see what happened in the game.

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. The last to blunder, looses. Old school chess quote.

  2. It feels so boring when now Samay isn't playing chess much now

  3. Can’t expect this type of blunder from Nihal

  4. 2:02 Why didn't Nihal take Nxc2? If that's not saving then what's the correct move there?

  5. Nihal makes big blunder but not a matter. He was played good ❣

  6. Game khatam hone ke bad Ye king king Q pass me rakhte hai?

  7. Well played but Nihal make a big blunder

  8. Interesting play. I thought Sarin had dealt with the H-file pawn, but it turned out to be critical in the end. What is a better play? Take the H-file pawn with the bishop or the knight?

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