He Thought My GRANDMASTER Mom Was A Beginner In Chess…

We went to Washington Square Park in NYC and this park chess player thought that my mom was a beginner in chess, even though she is a grandmaster. Watch until the end to see his reaction when we tell him!

Watch my first encounter with Johnny here:

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  1. I dont know if i want him to keep talking or shut up 😂

  2. o my gosh- i love this guy- ngl the lil weird part of my brain is tellin me that hes talking like that coz he thinks the person hes talkin to is not as smart as him n that hes better- but then i do relise that that is just not the case, hes just being exsiting n encoruging n thats nice, i sort of rlly fukin love his enegry even IF it weird me out a lil tiny bit

  3. I'd honestly play b3 against him….. so annoying commentary

  4. Fun and funny can happen at the same time.

  5. He should open a chess school. I love his passion.

  6. He’s actually a good teacher. My teacher just beat my hands when I did wrong. I’m from Russia and it was okay at the time

  7. Get this guy into wargaming pronto he was born for it

  8. I love chess so fucking much. After youve played for quite awhile you can see how your friends work, and just how randos are. Theres a reasoin this game is one of the best <3

  9. His charisma and passion for the game comes off soo genuine it draws people in and makes people want to learn chess. Thats what makes great teachers. Even as he was tricked he was wasnt bitter but more excited when he found out the mom was a grandmaster and wanted to test his skills and experience against somebody greater.

  10. Wow, love the park dude's accent. Pure New Yawk accent. Love it. What a splendidly garrulous guy.
    He should be the PR guy for some chess association. 😏

  11. Yes, bring the horse out. Let see the whipping

  12. How come at 7:21 he moved a piece while explaining then went again? Seems like there's extra moves going on?!

  13. Blud was like "OH YOU'RE A GRANDCHAMPION? BET! LETS GO AGAIN!" 😂 You know dude got serious the second match lol

  14. This guy is an amazing teacher and so friendly. He wins this video.

  15. "my most famous opponent… maybe Karpov?"

    Ice cold response
    W mom

  16. This reminds me of a chess game I played in highschool. My opponent was deeply and logically planning every move. I glanced at the board and seemed to make my moved haphazardly.
    I won.

  17. Look there is no lesson in slush when you play summer(A 1 bishops queens and knights) against winter ( A 2 kings rooks and pawns)

  18. Lord of the rings if it had chess teacher , very captivating

  19. Wow! GM Pia has been playing 50 years! Welcome Pia! Now youre in the "OG Old School Chessplayers" group of players of chess for more than 50 years. My 59th year of The Game Of Kings!

  20. I have never played chess and care nothing for it but I literally just watched this whole video due to how entertaining this guy was. 😂

  21. I love how patient your mom is with that guy xD

  22. That was so funny – just the apprehension of the GM reveal that you know is coming! And I learnt quite a bit about chess from Johnny too!

  23. I love his enthusiasm while he’s playing/teaching!

  24. These guy seem fun to play but it was so great to see you and your mom out playing in the park😊 hi Mom I think I saw you play hardly saw you on TV maybe in the 80s

  25. This guy should do chess classes on TV!

  26. Sandbaggers are the worst type of cheaters. They are just narcissistic time wasters.

  27. This is so hard to watch… When he said hide king in corner, i facepalmed so hard it resonated across whoke street.

  28. I love Johnny. What a beautiful soul. He still has the innocence of a child. Despite his age.

  29. Shut this idiot up already! Whet an imbecile.

  30. You can tell he's practiced this shtick A LOT.

    He's got his spoken lines down pat, he guides the learner straight to checkmate, and he even acts like he didn't do it. It's like he's guiding a child through for the first time, hyping them up, making them interested. This isn't his first rodeo. There's no way he doesn't bust this out frequently. I wouldn't be surprised if he actually taught newbies how to play on a regular basis.

  31. I love the way he said "I want to play one more!". Lovely video.

  32. I'm surprised people like the way the guy tried to teach. I thought everyone found that kind of talk annoying and boring. I guess I'm weird.


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