Hikaru Beats 3100 Elo WITHOUT A ROOK

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  1. I would like to see Andrew Tang´s reaction at the end of the game…

  2. Magnus haven't been milked in a while,,

  3. that is very disrespectful by andrew tang i think…

  4. guys tell him the difference between AI and stockfish. Its not the same thing

  5. Not exaggerating, it’s because of agadmator that I knew some of the masters of the past, great games, setting my passion for chess again. But you are a fucking awesome person to comment in a nowadays game, made me know better Carlsen and Hikaru, their games, and you fucking made a 2 minute game (less than it) be so cool and rich in a 20+ minutes video. Congrats man, you deserve your large public, and more in the future!!!

  6. Random unhinged question I know but do you do anything special to your beard?
    It's majestic and I'm envious

  7. I saw that mate like way back when he refused tp take the rook, but would i have spotted it in a bullet. Never

  8. i would have never navigated this game as well as hikaru has BUT i am proud i have seen all his rook moves before levi showed them
    its not much but its something and i didnt pause either

  9. No real Penguins were harmed In making this video.

  10. Me, a 2000, predicted the entire ending with Nxd4 and Bxh7 allowing access to a5 for the queen. I saw the rook sac on a1 coming from a mile away if the queen ever got access to the a-file, and I just so happened to think that white might be sloppy enough to allow blacks knight to move, and then forgetting that the bishop has to defend a5. This is how you swindle in chess, and you always have to be sentient of these small opportunities that might happen if the conditions are right. There was a large enough incentive for white to move the bishop somewhere for it to join the attack, that they forgot what hidden tactic it was actually preventing. Always be cognizant of your attacking ideas in chess, even if they aren’t possible to carry out immediately.

  11. All those thoughts happened in less that 2 minutes

  12. 1:40 this is not called cheesing. This is called getting lefong'd

  13. is there a video somewhere of hikarus live reaction to this?

  14. What a disgusting way to end the game. I saw the tactic starting at around 18:35. In essence, Black makes White forcibly choke on the "free" rook if they don't immediately accept it.

  15. I'm really proud of myself for noticing M3 the instant he played Bh7 as an 1150 player. I do way too many puzzles

  16. I've foreseen that checkmate pattern gonna happen because of b3 pawn and white rook in c1

  17. After this match andrew broke his laptop and was never found again😮😮😮😢😢

  18. If you ignore the bishop and not capture it, then black has can sacrifice THE ROOK again on a1. That leads to a forced mate. Let me know if I am wrong

  19. Which bullet brawl was this? Need to see hikaru’s live reaction

  20. The fascinating thing about chess is that you can make a 20 minute video about a 4 hour long game, and you can also make a 20 minute video about a 1 minute long game.

  21. Why are you talking with Hans Niemann inflections? 😂

  22. Not even 1300s in a 30-minute game won't play that good

  23. “It stops the white knight from coming out” 5:26 didn’t know Hikaru was homophobic

  24. This is not the 1st time he got cheesed. No way.

  25. Bullet chess is technically chess. Bullet 1-0 and Blitz 3-0 are by far the best modes of chess. 3-0 should be standard imo it's so entertaining and fierce without a single boring moment because time is a real factor.
    Hikaru eats cheese!

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