Why Did the World’s Best Chess Player Go Insane?

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  1. And he lived right across the street from where I lived.

  2. He was right when he said that computers had ruined chess. Today you can download simple chess programs not even the world champion can beat. The ELO of chess programs is in the 3000s today. Yet, we all had been waiting for programs which would win at chess, GO, etc.

  3. fischer was an ex jew. as an ex muslim i naturally criticize and even at times dislike the belief. he had a right to speak his opinions. the world can drive you crazy for being honest.

  4. Like your voice talking chess history. Your shirt is..not liked so much!! Haha
    Real nice son.

  5. he called bullshit on everything.

  6. Fischer was eccentric but that is the mark of any "once in a century" prodigy. But the moral here is his own government failed him but he never failed his love for chess. His only friend after a lifetime was his arch rival from the USSR.

  7. People that smart always seem crazy to stupider people. No wonder Fischer was fed up of America they sold him out because of their stupid obsession with anti-Russian political games. Rest in peace a true legend. 👍 Boris Spassky what a guy!!

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