Why Did the World’s Best Chess Player Go Insane?

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Writing: Steven Rix
Editing: Jack Stevens


  1. Nice video. Minor niggle – USSR != Russia though.

  2. Honestly this is just all bunch of crap..never seen,never done, biggest genius..yes he was one of the greatest however it definitely has been done by others – Morphy, Tal, Kasparov..all of them were just as impressive as Fisher. And for the biggest genius – thats not even remotely close, its Carlsen and by a huge margin to the point of Fisher probably not being able to win a single classical game if they played nowdays. The elo difference isnt very relevant, as in modern era Fisher would likely not break 2700 elo. If we go by this criteria of elo difference Paul Morphy was around 200 or 300 elo above his era, again making Fisher not the greatest. I dont think making Fisher this inhuman hero for the purpose of this fairytale video does benefit anyone. Why not tell his story of a world champion and an amazing player becoming a mad man without all the fantasy and fiction.

  3. His inner child was getting sick and tired of staring at squares so he goes to the big guy,, yo god.. I can't do it anymore,, happens to anyone that loses their spirit hence the ten commandments. They're there for a reason. Keep your ghost close and grab a glass of water no ice once in a while

  4. Poor Spasky 🤣🤣🤣.He was even willing to go to prision just for a rematch.

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