Hans Niemann Update: Statements by Magnus Carlsen / Chess.com

Here is Hikaru’s reaction to the Final Final statement on Hans Neiman vs everyone in chess legal action.
Chesscom Blog:
WSJ Article:


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  1. Sorry you got dragged into it bud. the stress must have got to you. Niemann had an advantage when he was believed to have cheated and he sure acted weirdly. Hopefully he didn’t walk away with too much money from this suit

  2. Why are you screaming dear Hikaru and what has happened with your posture? For a minute I thought this is your caricature or someone is immitating you 😂

  3. Hans is back !! lets see chess speak for itself

  4. Moral of the story: If you're going to make an accusation that serious, make you have evidence to back it up.

  5. So basically Hans had received a fat payout with this settlement because of you and Magnus tried to bury the kid lol, big L

  6. To all those who defend Niemann go watch the game with Kramnik… Hans did it again!!!!

  7. When the news broke out, you memed the shit out of Hans. You knew you couldnt prove he cheated but you nonetheless played to that idea with your commentary and video titles, essentially sacrificing Nieman at the altar of content.

    Honestly, you are a b*tch for that, both you and Magnus. Actual manchildren with way too much influence running your mouth without proof. Hopefully you paid a price for your actions, people shouldnt get away with assasinating someone's credibility like that.

    "Sore loser throws temper tantrum after losing that almost ruins the winner's career while his boyfriend joins to defend him"

  8. so was the vibrating butt plug true or not?…

  9. I call bs. I think the whole thing is a construct to promote chess. There is no bad publicity, especially when there is a fall guy.

  10. Oh God I just realized what moral trash Hikaru is. He knows exactly why 6:04 he lost 40 ratings points. Because Hans was no longer invited to closed tournaments he had to play open tournaments against much lower rated players.

  11. Lol poor Hikaru looks like he's in physical pain. No respect for Hikaru. So sad.

  12. Niemann is the GOAT free him, all honestly i love this drama. I want all the characters to continue captivating the chess world. Niemann is the GOAT.

  13. You literally can't watch this guy without a x2. Try it yourself

  14. Magnus can jump from space butt first to dagger..

  15. Hikaru is sooooo triggered here, that's insane, literally tilted 😮

  16. Hans baseball performance… (Letting youtube produce subtitles automatically)…. Sink filled cup…… Lol! Great upload thx!

  17. 8:06 “…butt.. uhhm.. ass, I said back in September 2022…”

    I think that concludes it for now

  18. It's still insane to me that losing 1 time is somehow more shocking than completely unexplainable cheating with no evidence.
    Magnus is a damn good player, probably the best ever so far. He's still not perfect. Get a grip

  19. Lesson:
    1) Dont accuse people of cheating unless you have proof.
    2) Losing to a player with a lower elo than you is not proof they cheated.

  20. Great, toxic guy who disrespects the sport and has cheated, yay. Great role model. Please beat this cornhole

  21. Niemans lawsuit was laughed at and dismissed by the court is the real story

  22. What a cynical statement. Niemann was not invited in major tournaments, because of Magnus' unsubstiated accusations in the sinquefield cup, so he had to play a lot of tournaments and games against lower rated players, making it quite impossible for him holding his elo. Now Hikaru is turning this against him: just disgusting.

  23. Playing a discovered cheater always feels awkward, no mater how much time passes.
    You can never expect the same respect as a non-cheator.
    This is the price for cheating.

  24. He is not performing at thta same level cause apart from the hige phycological pressure was being putted on,he had to face over and over again 2500s and 2600s who are very dangerous players for all the players in the world especially with white,and some are underrated as well,so thats why,had he had the chance to keep competting with 2700s players after singfield cup,im assuming his rsting would have stayed the same or even got increased,cause he would not ahve the pressure to necessarily win,also playing better players would make him better himself as well

  25. He said absolutely nothing in this video. Don't watch.

  26. Hikaru said nothing. He simply doesn't know how cheating works.He is like someone who demands that you play him and says the doesn't have the time.

  27. As a private person basing it on my profession as a lawyer can another lawyer agree with me that Hans confessed behind closed walls? 😊

    It's a textbook example

  28. So exactly what most people outside the chess community said happened happened. Chess God made a baseless claim of cheating because he lost and all of the worshipers never for a second considered how stupid that is. The idea that a person is infallible is STUPID and so is everyone who turned off their brain and parroted the words of a dude throwing a tantrum because he lost a game.

  29. Hans is a known cheater and comes off as a massive narcissist and egomaniac. Anybody who trusts this guy is foolish. He will cheat again if he thinks he can get away with it.

  30. Any lawyer would warn a tournament director or chess club never to allow Hans to compete: He is a walking risk of frivolous litigation and best avoided if at all possible.

  31. If anyone thinks there is cheating on the board irl, they should show how they would do it and how its done. Get the devices you are saying are out there and try them against a top player and document it! Never have seen that

  32. statistics are real, circumstantial evidence is real, all these believers never had a class in probability calculation. your phone can predict your behaviour better than yourself. yes it is possible that he didn't cheat in that one game but the probability over multiple suspicious games shrinks exponentially with a calculable error margin. people are so naive.

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