Hans Niemann Update: Statements by Magnus Carlsen / Chess.com

Here is Hikaru’s reaction to the Final Final statement on Hans Neiman vs everyone in chess legal action.
Chesscom Blog:
WSJ Article:


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  1. ..so what if Hans lost 45 rating points, statistically that’s probably within natural ups and downs of human performance, especially with all the crap Hans had to deal with. That statement from Hakaroo was unnecessary and petty, grow up Hakaroo

  2. Hikaroo again toying with something he should avoid like the plague, will he ever learn….eh no

  3. I hope hikaru is man enough to apologize since he has no direct evidence of cheating.

  4. What a sad time when criminals of all sorts are successful in all fields. That's how rotten humanity is

  5. I would pay to see Magnus and/or Hikaru (and Ian, Ding Liren, Fabi, Anish, etc.) playing chess naked. But Hans? NOPE.

  6. The fact that Niemann only dropped so little under so much pressure and accusations at this young age is really impressive.

  7. Millimeter wave TSA style scanner next time. Seeing the after-game analysis for some of his games, there's no way I can believe he didn't cheat.

  8. Sure sounds like there was no evidence at all to your accusations. Interesting. Very interesting. Glad everyone is happy and ok with you and the others making accusations with nothing to back it up. You're disgusting and should be ashamed of yourself.

  9. Can someone explain why Hikaru was involved in the lawsuits? Like bro had nothing to do with it lol

  10. I don't get the relief? of so many people. He admitted to cheating earlier and now is all ok and time to move on?

  11. "A safe space to report their concerns"…

    Next time you want to report your 'concerns' genius, come with some actual proof. You and the 'best' looked like fools during this. Shows that being the best in chess means only that, and not much else. You're still saying there's 'people out there cheating' but 'won't name names'… You still haven't learned to think before you speak. Come with some proof or stfu.

  12. hikaru: 8:50 “thats all i have to say right now”

    ….. 4 minutes ensue

  13. Let me get this straight. Hans didn’t disagree that the findings that he cheated more than he originally admitted are correct, yet he is still allowed to play and everyone is apparently okay with this. Even if he couldn’t be proven to have cheated against Magnus, that’s pretty pathetic.

  14. A general technical question with no specific connection: Can the beads be reconfigured to tell the 3rd or 4th best move instead of the best move?

  15. Can someone do a correlation analysis on how Hans's rating started dipping post the new security measures taken by FIDE? Or does it require no analysis, and everything looks obvious?

  16. Hikaru can sometimes speak a whole lot without saying much

  17. Its loss of players dignity and career without any legal evidence or just on statement

  18. Hans being reinstated shows he busted their balls, probably got a decent payout outside of court to settle.

  19. Nice settlement outside of court for Hans, he wins again!

  20. Hans admitted to cheating many times in the past. His reputation has gone down the shitter.
    Personally, I think Magnus is right. I will trust his hunch over the chessboard more than any lawyer or court of justice.
    To me, Hans is a cheater. His obnoxious character says much about him.

  21. “Hans has lost 40 points since Sep 2022” “Hans has struggled against players ranked 400 points lower than Magnus”

    Enough said

  22. I think this guy cheated and my evidence is that I lost, when I usually win

  23. Magnus – Hans

  24. He dropped the charges because his lawyers knew it was a lost case.

  25. Nakamura did not say a word about the "main" issue 😂, but guys we "know " the answer "

  26. this whole thing sounds like a pain in the butt….

  27. Can Niemann make a living from playing B-level tournaments, or is he effectively an amateur?

  28. Because of course, Chesscom reinstated his sorry cheating ass. F'n Clowns…

  29. I bet Hikaru could double his viewership if he developed a non-shouting voice, and didn’t record in an echo chamber.

  30. I believe Hans Niemann is innocent of cheating.
    Well, maybe that's too strong of a statement.
    Niemann has a history of cheating, and has admitted to some of it.
    He did have a steep rise in ratings prior to the game with Carlson.
    He was searched before that game, but I don't recall that the search
    included his huge hair, if you remember his wild hairdo back then.
    Subsequently, according to Nakamura, Niemann lost to players rated
    400 points below him.
    Full disclosure, I have a mild sympathy for cheaters in general, and
    actually root for cheaters and card counters in Las Vegas, so…well,
    when I say believe, it's not exactly steadfast nor resolute kind of belief,
    nor would I put money on the proposition that Hiemann didn't cheat.
    I will say, though, that he is innocent because there has been no proof
    of him cheating.

  31. So exactly what most people outside the chess community said happened happened. Chess God made a baseless claim of cheating because he lost and all of the worshipers never for a second considered how stupid that is. The idea that a person is infallible is STUPID and so is everyone who turned off their brain and parroted the words of a dude throwing a tantrum because he lost a game.

  32. I mean a lawsuit and half of your idols hating on you is a pretty good reason to be underperforming I think you should mention that in there. He is also only 20 years old so of course it's going to affect him, just like it would affect a lot of other things in his life. But in the end I hope everyone can move on and I guess two things that this could help in the future is to deter people to cheat and go through all the scrutiny he has and then also to not make things so public and state the facts and don't jump to conclusions.

  33. Magnus got his ass whooped and hikaru and Magnus made bullshit claims that Hans cheated. Show proof stfu

  34. So was Hikaru dismissed with prejudice as well? Or does Hans still have the right to pursue that part of his case? There must not have been strong evidence Hans cheated against Magnus. Magnus seems to acknowledge this in his statement

  35. Why sore losers like Kramnik and Carlsen can accuse people with ZERO evidence and get away with it??

  36. After observing Hans' interview analyzing one of his games where he was unable to think through the strategy (and seemed reliant on the computer's moves to reach any conclusion)… it makes me wonder if that's actually how he studies chess. He might play based on studying computer-derived patterns of how to best play in different chess situations. It may work well for many of his games, but not for all games against humans. This could be a possible explanation for the highly random variation in his gameplay (that he apparently can't explain after the fact either). I know it's an outlandish theory… but if computers are really better than humans, it presents the question whether this would become a viable strategy for winning at chess instead of playing it normally. It would also explain his unexplainable variation that seems robotic in nature.

  37. So Hikaru and Carlsen decided to publicly defame Niemann without proof. What they needed to do instead, was press FIDE/tournaments for better anti-cheating methods without going after a 19 year old without solid evidence. I don't think what they did was proper and it does not sat a good precedent. There were also other people who tricked people into believing Niemann was cheating using bad data analysis and fraudulent data. Niemann might be underperforming due to all the stress he has been through.

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