He Defeated Carlsen, Kasparov, Anand, Nepo, Caruana and The Entire Grand Chess Tour Team!

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Grand chess tour – Ivano Močić 0-1
Grand chess tour simul 4.7.2023.

1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 e6 3.Nf3 Bb4+ 4.Nbd2 b6 5.a3 Bxd2+ 6.Bxd2 a5 7.g3 Bb7 8.Bg2 d6 9.O-O Nbd7 10.Rc1 O-O 11.Re1 Qe7 12.Bc3 Rad8 13.d5 exd5 14.Nh4 Qe6 15.Qc2 Ne4 16.cxd5 Bxd5 17.Bd4 c5 18.f3 Nef6 19.Bc3 Bb3 20.Qb1 d5 21.e3 g6 22.f4 Ne4 23.f5 Qe7 24.Rf1 Ndf6 25.fxg6 fxg6 26.Rf4 Rde8 27.Qd3 Bc4 28.Qd1 Nxc3 29.Rxc3 a4 30.Nf3 Bb3 31.Qe1 d4 32.Rc1 Qxe3+ 33.Qxe3 Rxe3 34.Nd2 Re2 35.Nxb3 axb3 36.Rcf1 Kg7

00:00 Hello Everyone!
03:47 Game Starts!!

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  1. "He played this game like he was Tal + Petrosian… plus Fisher, so basically as he was Magnus himself".

    What a line ❤

  2. Was White's d5 move a blunder?
    It seems you just lose the pawn without any clear compensation. After taking Black's d5 pawn looks tough to defend, but even if you got it back eventually it would just have a trade. What was the idea?

  3. I'm keeping my eye on this kid wow😳😳😳

  4. The entire gct team members mustve been like “ what da heck was dat last move magnus” then ali comes next, “ damn fabi that move was rubbish”, then garry comes n is like “such noob moves by these other guys” then ian comes and is like “what a mess of a position that we played” 🤣🤣🤣
    Then comes and is like “This is hopeless, I wanna play this myself” 🤣🤣🤣

  5. "they" – sometimes it can refer to a team of chess grandmasters or sometimes can mean a single person with a complex gender 😅

  6. this took…. too many cooks spoils the dish ! to a whole new level …😂

  7. how many elo point did ivano earned on this games !? how point do you gain beating an 9000 elo player ?

  8. Because of multiple brains working , so they lost

  9. Aww…🥺
    Nice of them to let the young guy have a crack at it🙌🏽

  10. Do the GM's get to talk amongst themselves?
    Or are they all seperately evaluating the position as they go to the board

  11. I really appreciate Antonio's content. I noticed he doesn't push the 'like and subscribe' too often and is here to give us all excellent analysis on the game of chess. I've become a better player just watching and I'm truly grateful for such a MOVE! Thank you for being you Antonio and please keep doing what you love 😎🙌

  12. I was so exited waiting for you to pronounce his surname! But you never mention it? How is it pronounced?

  13. Chess is not a team game! 😂 Well done kid!

  14. I haven't heard the meme "it's over 9000" for a longgg time =))

  15. Lol 🤣
    "Unleash the bish" and "nasty bishop" 😅

    Great game…. This kid is on his way to greatness. Furure champion 🙂

  16. one of these moves is a troll move. i just dont know which one or by who.

  17. That a4 move is insanely sophisticated for a child.

  18. Is anyone else watching this on a phone and unable to turn it sideways due to the board being cut off?

  19. I'm more impressed with how fast you said all those names!

  20. What beautiful play, especially with the pressure of playing against all those legends

  21. Nothing good comes out of having too many cooks in the kitchen.

  22. You're telling me that this young boy would've seen all of this?

  23. Awesome game. Loved his style of play

  24. Nic (J Bruce Feynman Niccolo P. Bentulan) says:

    Suppose Fischer was resurrected to talk about Niemann – What would Bobby say? I think of …

    This was on 2022Oct21 at 08:30am GMT+8, 6 hours after Hans' 'My lawsuit speaks for itself.'

    (6 parts)


    Mercado: We have for today's episode one of our friends we used to interview every now and then but was dead for the last 8 and a half years. We have the 1972 World Chess Champion and honourary 0th World Fischer Random Chess Champion Bobby Fischer. He’s here right now and would like to give some thoughts on what happened with Hans Niemann's lawsuit against Magnus Carlsen just about 6 hours ago, including Hikaru Nakamura and I think chessc*m too, right? In fact, right now, Bobby, good evening. It’s morning right here.

    Fischer: Yeah, how are you doing – sure Pablo. Yes, well, this is all wonderful news. It’s time for f Magnus Carlsen to get his head kicked in. It’s time to finish off Magnus Carlsen once and for all. This just shows you that what goes around comes around, even for Magnus Carlsen. That is what has happened this morning.

    I applaud the act. Look. Nobody gets… Magnus Carlsen & FIDE have been cheating superGMs for years. Robbing them and cheating them. Nobody gave a shit. Now it’s coming back to Magnus Carlsen. F Magnus Carlsen. I wanna see Magnus Carlsen found liable and banned.


    Mercado: Heh heh. All right. Magnus Carlsen is a world chess champion, how could…

    Fischer: Well, apparently he's not as much of a world champion as everybody thought. My favourite player and compatriot and your former compatriot Wesley So had become inaugural world Fischer random chess champion by winning all these games, and Magnus Carlsen had no wins in that tournament. That was the inaugural world championship finals, Pablo. Probably hundreds of players had competed for that. How is it possible “the great Magnus Carlsen” didn’t get a single win against Wesley So?


    Mercado: Yeah, that’s what people had been asking in the US and here in the Philippines. Considering that Magnus was and still is the world chess champion, wouldn’t he be able to, you know Gasai, beat Wesley So once…

    Fischer: I’m hoping for some kind of scenario where FIDE will be taken over by Andrii Baryshpolets. Chessc*m will be taken over by Thibault Duplessis, they’ll get rid of all the classical regular chess tournaments, ban Hikaru Nakamura from twitch, sanction Garry Kasparov & Magnus Carlsen and you know Gasai, Garry Kasparov will apologize to Judit Polgar & Viswanathan Anand, and Magnus Carlsen will apologize to Alexandra Kosteniuk, Alireza Firouzja, Daniel Naroditsky & Ian Nepomniachtchi. I’m hoping for a totally new world.

    How many hundreds or thousands of players did Magnus Carlsen cheat while streaming? Justifying it with the most ridiculous excuse that he was drunk. When they were still money tournaments or at least violating chessc*m policy or lichess policy.

    Magnus Carlsen & FIDE are based on lies. They're based on theft.

    Magnus Carlsen cheated Alexandra Kosteniuk, Alireza Firouzja, Daniel Naroditsky & Ian Nepomniachtchi. Garry Kasparov cheated Judit Polgar & Viswanathan Anand. Magnus Carlsen cheated almost all of the superGMs.

    FIDE robbed the world chess championship from Viswanathan Anand, Sergey Karjakin, Fabiano Caruana & Ian Nepomniachtchi. FIDE robbed almost all of the superGMs. Had these rapid tiebreaks instead of classical Fischer random or classical armageddon with auction and let Magnus Carlsen cheat. Am I right?


    Mercado: [Laughing] So, what do you think’s going to happen in the next 24 hours, then?

    Fischer: Well, you know Gasai, Magnus Carlsen is bellowing. He’s told what to say, of course, by FIDE and his lawyers. But, well, Magnus Carlsen will get back of course, but you know Gasai it’s gonna get worse and worse for Magnus Carlsen.

    Magnus Carlsen & FIDE just will not do what they have to do.

    FIDE has to say 'we’re sorry', 'our whole tournament format has been wrong for the last several decades', 'we are going to start having classical Fischer random', 'we are going to sanction Magnus Carlsen & Garry Kasparov for cheating', and so on. You see?

    Magnus Carlsen has to say 'I’m sorry', 'I've been cheating players for the last decade', 'I'm a TALENTLESS patzer', 'I don't deserve to be the main FIDE world champion anymore than Sergey Karjakin, Fabiano Caruana, Ian Nepomniachtchi or Wesley So' and so on. You see?

    And he’s not going to admit that. No. He’s going to say “This cheater”, “This cowardly lawsuit will be punished.” You know, and I expect soon that Sergey Karjakin's parallel pure Fischer Random federation will take off, where Magnus Carlsen will still be, hundreds of feet underneath – heh – Wesley So & Ian Nepomniachtchi and will be saying, “This dastardly chess variant of Bobby Fischer will be never take off!” He’ll just constantly talk about “this cheater Hans Niemann” until Magnus Carlsen is found liable.

    Magnus Carlsen & FIDE are not going to be reasonable. They're not going to admit that they're the bad guys, and they've always been the bad guys. They were the bad guys in the 2016 WCC versus Sergey Karjakin. They were the bad guys in the 2018 WCC versus Fabiano Caruana. They were the bad guys when Magnus Carlsen cheated Alireza Firouzja in the 2019 blitz WCC. 'Gens una sumus' is just a load of bullshit. It's just a cover for the criminal nature of the International Magnus Chess-en Federation.

    This is just the beginning, Pablo. Everybody’s had enough shit from Magnus Carlsen & FIDE.


    Mercado: You think Hans Niemann is planning something else?

    Fischer: Yeah, well, sure, sure. Of course. And what about Wesley So & Ian Nepomniachtchi? What if they decide to throw in their lot with Hans Niemann, right? What about Sergey Karjakin, Alireza Firouzja, Daniel Naroditsky, Viswanathan Anand, Judit Polgar & Alexandra Kosteniuk?

    It’s time for Magnus Carlsen to eat the s, to humble himself to withdraw his minions back to Norway. To admit that he's been cheating, is a baseless accuser, is a sore loser and thus is a hypocrite. Otherwise, Magnus Carlsen has to be found liable and be banned.

    – Look what Magnus Carlsen did to Alireza Firouzja recently in the 2019 blitz WCC. Talked on Alireza Firouzja's turn without offering a draw.

    – Look what Garry Kasparov did to Viswanathan Anand previously in the 1995 WCC. Slammed the door on Viswanathan Anand's turn.

    – Look what Magnus Carlsen did to Ian Nepomniachtchi recently in the 2021 WCC. Touched a knight but didn't move it.

    – Look what Garry Kasparov did to Judit Polgar previously in the 1994 Linares tournament. Let go of a knight but moved it somewhere else.

    – Look what Magnus Carlsen did to Alexandra Kosteniuk previously in the 2009 blitz WCC. Touched 1 rook but tried to move another.

    Now to me, those 'bullying cheating' incidents worse than 'engine cheating'. You know Gasai why?


    Mercado: Why?

    Fischer: Pareto principle. Anyone can engine cheat. Only world chess champions / top players can bully cheat. You understand?

    Mercado: Yes, I do.

    Fischer: To me that’s worse. The bullying cheating Magnus Carlsen & Garry Kasparov did to Judit Polgar, Viswanathan Anand, Alexandra Kosteniuk, Alireza Firouzja, Daniel Naroditsky & Ian Nepomniachtchi is worse than engine cheating. Really.

    I say death to Play Magnus, chessc*m & FIDE! I say ban Magnus Carlsen! F Magnus Carlsen! F Hikaru Nakamura! F Garry Kasparov! F Arkady Dvorkovich! F Danny Rensch!

    Magnus Carlsen & Garry Kasparov are bullying cheaters. They bully their opponents. They're cheating, criminal, thieving, lying bastards.

    Magnus Carlsen made up the beads theory. There’s not a word of truth to it. He is the worst liar and bastard. Now what goes around comes around. He's getting it back, finally. Praise God and, you know, hallelujah. This is a wonderful day. F Magnus Carlsen. Cry, you crybaby! Whine, you bastard! Now your time is coming.

    P.S. Please help get Wesley So on Lex Fridman's podcast. See


  25. Nic (J Bruce Feynman Niccolo P. Bentulan) says:

    2nd: TIMESTAMPS PLEASE #SUGGESTION or why not let viewers make timestamps in comments then you can pin the best timestamp comment and copy the timestamps to the video description?

    magnus cheats anish in round 7 superbet blitz –> 3:22:36 in 8gw7XDq87C4 #suggestion

    Other suggestions related to women in chess:

    A – Anna Cramling's dad beats Mikhail Tal. #suggestion

    B – Hans Niemann vs Rochelle Wu in 2023 US Open

    C – Philippine women's chess #suggestion – WGM Janelle Frayna, the 1st and only Philippine WGM, upset Georgian GM (really GM not just WGM) Bela Khotenashvili at the 2022 world blitz.

    There's a 13-move UNDERPROMOTION puzzle here.

    [Variant "From Position"]

    [FEN "6k1/6b1/1p1P3p/6pP/3pPpP1/p2NqP2/6K1/5Q2"]

    1. Qd1 a2 2. Qb3+ Kf8 3. d7 Qe2+ 4. Nf2 Ke7 5. Qd5 Kd8 6. Qe6 Bf6 7. Qe8+ Kc7 8. Qc8+ Kd6 9. e5+ Qxe5 10. d8=R+ Bxd8 11. Qxd8+ Kc6 12. Qa8+ Kb5 13. Qxa2

    For some reason none of the Philippine channels except Kelvinllovejr even cover this game. LOL. But Janelle did cover the game where e drew against Nemo, so maybe Janelle will cover this game later on.

    2016 WCC – This is relevant to the 2023 WCC.

    Please agad cover the other decisive game of the Sergey Karjakin vs Magnus Carlsen 2016 WCC #suggestion

    What happened is that Magnus lost to Sergey AS WHITE in Game 8 but then compensated for a white loss with A WHITE WIN in Game 10. This is what happened to Liren Ding & Nepo for Games 2 & 4 of 2023 WCC.

    Why doesn't a drawn match go to the player w/ more black wins (if any) s.t. Sergey Karjakin not Magnus Carlsen is 2016 WCC & Ian Nepomniachtchi not Liren Ding is 2023 WCC?

    This has happened BEFORE!


    2022 Accentus Chess960

    Vincent Keymer and Nodirbek Abdusattorov both finished with 5.0/7 and tied first. However, as Keymer won more games with Black, he won the tournament on tiebreak.


    1980 – 1981 candidates tournament

    'When the quarterfinal between Portisch and Spassky was tied after 14 games, Portisch was declared the winner because he had won more games with Black.'

    Actually maybe cover the only 2 decisive games here if not already? #suggestion


    1983-1984 candidates tournament

    It wasn't repeated! The premise was the same! Hübner had more black wins than Smyslov before tiebreaks. After tiebreaks were tied, a ROULETTE determined Symslov won!!

    Actually maybe cover the only 2 decisive games here if not already? #suggestion

    Agad, what's your opinion of FIDE's use of the terms 'slow rapid' & 'fast rapid' please in WFRCC?

    It's a conspiracy against Wesley So.


    (0,10) is blitz.

    [10,60) is rapid.

    [60,120) is unrated classical.

    [120,infinity) is rated classical.

    So what's 'slow rapid'?

    Try to check out the maths here – they said both 32.5min & 60min are 'slow rapid'. Does this strike you as odd?

    I see only 2 possible definitions for slow & fast rapid.

    Def 1 – slow rapid means unrated classical [60,120) and fast rapid is rapid [10,60).

    –> this means Wesley So is not classical WFRCC but slow rapid WFRCC while Hikaru is fast rapid WFRCC.

    Def 2 – slow rapid & fast rapid cut up rapid [10,60) into resp [35,60) and [10,35).

    –> 2 issues here. 60min is not in either of these. Also, 32.5 is in [10,35). So neither 60 nor 32.5 are slow rapid. Lol. Wesley So is again classical WFRCC while Hikaru is (fast) rapid WFRCC.

    Def3 –> Since 15+2=17 is fast rapid, [10,X) is fast rapid & [X,120) is slow rapid for some 17 < X < 32.5. like say X is some arbitrary number like X=20 or X=30. Lol yeah right!!






    P.S. Please help get Wesley So on Lex Fridman's podcast. See





  26. Poor kid looks tired, but he had plenty in the tank to crush the committee. XD

  27. Brilliant game, what a great day for him. I wish you well for your future and hope your love of chess only progresses!

  28. This game highlight the fact that combine force of GMs is not that strong if they are not coordinating well together

  29. I see no sense in summing up all the ratings from the team… i dont understand it. I dont understand why the chess round is a +9000 vs 1900 score. Much love

  30. Wonderful! Good for Ivano. This is exciting.

  31. I played Ivano in Dubrovnik this weekend and his understanding of the game is insane. I was a bit better from the middle game and thought I was gonna win easily since kid his age "does not have enough games played and experience", but the ways he found some ideas is astonishing, he completley outplayed me in the endgame and I lost the game. I did not know who he was, had to search him because I felt smth was off with him, I was glad I have found this, now I feel a bit better about my loss 🙂

  32. How did they manage to fit the beads into a 10 year old? Must be a new model

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