I Tried Blindfold Chess vs @GothamChess


  1. Either he has a great memory or he's wearing an Electronic contact lens that is connected to someone's phone who is recording the match
    This way he can see everything on the chessboard even if he's blindfolded

  2. The blindfold does nothing if she’s telling him the positions

  3. This reminds me of Komogi, and Meruem, I love it lol

  4. So he just has hyperphatasia and is good at chess that’s the same for most high level chess players they’re usually people with hyperphantasia. It means he wasn’t challenged at all

  5. This is nothing special.. How is everyone getting impressed so easily..
    Lemme explain.
    Visualizing a chess board even for someone like me who is a noob and has played like 2 matches in my life. Further, all the places are labeled.. A, b, c, d etc ; 1,2,3,4… Etc.. So that makes visualizing even easier.. No eyesight at all is needed here.. This person can take off their blindfold and play equally well and with one.. Just because they have a blindfold on doesn't mean they can't see the chess board because since Michelle is speaking out loud what move she is playing.. The person can see the chessboard as a perfect virtual image in the head.. Hence no Effect to the skill

  6. As a person that has played chess, this is the easiest trick in the book. Especially against newbies. Normally it's a 4 move checkmate called the scholar's mate but he played a bit with the pawns first to make the newbie distracted, and harder to notice the checkmate coming.

  7. being bad at chess means youre bad at life
    being good at chess means you have an organized life
    being great at chess means you wasted your life

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