How Chess Evolved Over Time

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  1. Good video, but you said Anand was the first Indian grandmaster. What about Sultan Khan? Although he was from what is now Pakistan, when he was playing Pakistan did not exist and he lived in what was then India.

  2. The video is so long I will need to take a break for a game of chess in the middle

  3. Piano is soft, pianissimo is very soft. Sorry for being that guy.

  4. Terrific video Levy. Very informative and educational.
    The best one you've ever made IMHO 👌

  5. Its WAY harder to be top 10 now with millions of players and so much knowledge than it was only 20 years ago.

  6. Amazing content. Loved it. I can still remember my early days, studying Steinitz's games and stuff.

  7. Levy unfortunately the Soviets were cheats and botvinik said karpov had no future in chess will you please do some proper research

  8. The Mount Rushmore of chess players are Paul Morphy, Bobby Fischer, Garry Kasparov, and Magnus Carlsen.

  9. Feedback wise, I really enjoyed that one. Keep em coming

  10. Piano is quiet and pianissimo is like extra quiet *game^

  11. Huge fan of the historical content like this. I also really like when you cover the best games from great players of the past and epic games from the past.

  12. Levy, Giuoco piano means "the quiet game" and Giuoco pianissimo means "the very quiet game"

    And Tarrasch is pronounced with stress on the first syllable

  13. A "deep dive" in thirty minutes, sigh. Gen Z attention spans leave us without nuance.

    Sadly, I guess I'm too much of a boomer since I find a 2-hour video on Morphy too short.

  14. I honestly hate when Levy removes the evaluation bar, because imo it's always really fun to see what stockfish's thinking
    Love the video though

  15. Great video, please do more of this.

  16. I missed women in this video, when did they start playing or being allowed to play, which was the influence of the Polgar sisters, and so on. Good video, anyway. Thanks

  17. Say it after me, Levy, "Joe-ah-KEE-no GRE-co"

  18. Что за "Петроужен" ??? Его фамилия была – ПетросЯн (PetrosyAn)!

  19. I want a movie or a mini series about Morphy's life.

  20. i watch a lot of levy's content and this is one of the greatest videos so far nicely done and thank you

  21. Please don't neglect your own contribution to chess, thank you

  22. I know you try to pronounce names correctly, so it "jo-a-kino"

  23. In Italian, 'Gioco Piano' means 'slow game', as opposed to the King's Gambit which was the usual alternative opening that was anything but slow. 'Gioco Pianissimo' means 'extremely slow game'. So 'piano' has nothing to do with the piano as an instrument! In Italian, the piano (instrument) is called 'pianoforte', and the word 'piano' means 'slow'. Note that in the 16th century, the word 'gioco' used to be written as 'giuoco'; in today's Italian, it is written as 'gioco', meaning 'game'.

  24. Back in the old days Ke2 is a good move in the opening

  25. Paul Carlsen Fisher is the best player of all time

  26. In a video titled the evolution of chess I though I would see when the pawn got to move two spaces and when casting was introduced.

  27. Memorizing chess openings and theory has taking the fun out of chess, thats why Bobby Fischer created Chess 960. Young players are very good at chess because playing the computer numerous times really does develop your skills quickly. Therefore before the advent of quality computer chess a player could only gain experience by playing others (some being not that good) and book study. So do to these limiations especially games played, the top players Morphy, Lasker and Capablanca where outright geniuses. Fischer, Karpov and Kasparov study that game extensively which enabled them to reach the pinnacle in chess during their times (of course they still had exceptional talent) . Carlsen's main advantage is the computer, which was unavailable to players of the past. Michael Smith

  28. Sorry if I seem a bit nitpicky, but Karpov lost the title to Kasparov in 1985, not 1984.

  29. I am one of those who learned chess when I was young and it was videos like yours that helped get me back into it

  30. i love historical chess content, more of these videos please

  31. Such a great video I highly enjoyed it thank you!

  32. excellent I would like hearing what the players are thinking

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