How To Beat Chess Bullies?

How To Beat Chess Bullies?

Today’s video shows you how to counter the Scholar’s checkmate opening to beat the chess players that try this trick on you in the opening:)


  1. Isn’t the best move instead of d3 to castle? I’ve looked at these lines so often that after ne2 the only move is castles, no?

  2. Who the fuck would go Qf3 instead of taking the pawn and winning a free rook? There has to be a better way to stop this mate

  3. Or when queen h5 you just play knight h4 and if he takes he loses

  4. I never castle when they attack with scholars mate. I just keep defending with different pieces to taunt them

  5. e4 e5 Bc4 Nc6 Qh5 g6 Qxe5 loses the rook.

  6. Everytime i face the wayward queen i have the urge to find the opponent’s location and “checkmate” him irl

  7. You must make a blunder trap and say it a blunder and now he will not look at the checkmate

  8. Everybody is ignoring Qe5 a fork with the king and the rook😢😢

  9. What if he goes Qe3 in the beggining. I always block with the bishop if that happens. Is that incorrect?

  10. knight h6 when he moves the queen then he can't do it anyways

  11. It does not work if they take on e4

  12. These people are so annoying they think others are stupid😠😐😐 some people even try to do scholar mate me at 1300 elo 😂😂

  13. Mój wymarzony huge pet to RB HHL nick : KostkaKr

  14. if your opponents still play the scholars i dont think you can remember allat

  15. I would for the king and the rook for the 4 th move for white

  16. the queen is trapped, that's what's happening. he has to lose his queen.

  17. My man’s definitely got hit with this earlier today

  18. In reality pawn to f6 is a mistake, becouse white has queen to e5, and the black lose a rook

  19. Edit: I misread the position. The following message is incorrect.

    DO NOT play g6 vs Scholar's mate. After g6, white has Qxe5+ winning your rook and a pawn for free. You're better off playing something that removes the checkmate threat entirely before attacking the queen.

  20. After QeH5, and Pg6, it's better to take the centre pawn, and fork the queen and rook

  21. Yo nice contenta,always useful,can u do a video against King indians

  22. What if he took the middle pawn with his queen he would still have ur rook

  23. Love your videos, keep it up.

    (Also pin me im 1st comment)😊

  24. me who can’t remember what comes after the bishop in the London
    yeah I’ll definitely use this

  25. "when you get attacked on the side, respond in the center" – chessscape 2023

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