The Truth About Game Review

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  1. Omg I played the same early to mid game and it was so trippy to watch

  2. I love these gameplay videos, keep making them

  3. a rapidly balding man who wears tank tops 😶😶😶

  4. Love this type of content; I learned so much from you and will continue learning from you for who knows how long. Appreciate you bro

  5. loved this video n it would be cool to see again with your games or subscriber games!

  6. "win the queen" for an im, I would imagine you would know the difference between a knight and a queen

  7. Levy… you’re not balding. You’re simply follicley challenged

  8. Actually, the most useful thing in Game Review is that you don't need to change to Analysis. Game Review has the option to show each move the best move and the corrects lines for each one of the moves.

  9. Very rarely I play a high accuracy game that was high quality chess. Most of the time my 90+ games were just extremely boring well defended positional games. I'll take mid 70's tactical mayhem anyday

  10. Thanks to Levy, I am now 1,900 in only 30 minutes after watching this video. I was 2,000 before.

  11. As someone who "apparently" blunders 100 times a game, I agree that they are wrong

  12. This was very helpful and I would be interested for you to do this again.

  13. Thanks for the educational video. I've been searching other videos to help me what or how to analyze my game and this video makes it way easy for the information to sink in my head. 😍

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