The Truth About Game Review

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  1. Game review yelled at me for capturing a rook with my bishop then forking the queen instead of taking a bishop w my rook🤔

  2. Levy: Goes down a deep philosophical journey on each move, trying to understand the deep complexity of the game of chess to improve and learn as much as he can.

    Me: Uses game review to look at games where I crush opponents so I feel good about myself while burying the garbage ones deep down my history feed to never look into them again.

  3. This is the video I've been waiting for since 2020. Thanks Levy

  4. Would love to see this happen with some subscriber games!

  5. I really enjoyed this Levy thank you! The struggles with my demons are at the 950-1100 range but this is very helpful to understanding how to analyze my games better.

  6. "you watch a guy who's balding and wears tank tops for advice"

    One of the most accurate sentences said in history

  7. Nice video, very instructive. But I've got one question, once I analyze my previous game this way, I cannot guarantee that the same ideas should be used in the next one.

    For instance, let's say in one game the engine shows I need to develop and castle short, but in the next game it may say it is better to take more space quickly and castle long for an attack.

    So the question is: How can I handle this different positions and still learn using the engine to correct my mistakes?

  8. Nice to learn how to evaluate the information of these tools.

  9. There literally a button that tells you what was the best move

  10. We all know gamereview is only there for us lower rated players to look at how hard we were winning, we never analyze losing games

  11. I was told never take advice from someone in a tank top.

  12. blud wanted a boosie fade but got this insead💈💈💈

  13. What does this mean, at 15:11, “even if no en passant”? Does not compute. En passant is forced, everyone knows that.

  14. As a game I can confirm this is one of the reviews of all time

  15. i need some advice for my YT channel levy 🫡, i make chess videos 0:22

  16. im gonna play a Blitz game or two… im gonna narrate my thoughts to you… and then ima hit game review

  17. Actually game review gave me a 96.7 accuracy so I shall take that at face value thank you very much

  18. Yes please more Game Review and training tips. PLEASE INTERNET CHESS TEACHER GIVE US HOMEWORK.

    Jokes aside this was really helpful. And the more homework thing is serious. It’s why we’re always asking about chess books, or if puzzles are helpful, or studying lines, etc.

    This was probably one of the most helpful vids I’ve seen. Really would appreciate more.

  19. I usually aspire to immediately forget my games after playing them. Especially the bad ones, lest I start cutting myself

  20. Thenk you gothem i will get bettel becuse of you😃

  21. on lichess there is no game review, only analysis 🙁

  22. Make a random chain of words in this reply section

  23. Bro made 69 brilliant moves but getting that haircut wasn't one of them 💀

  24. Me with 1 game review per day : 👁️👄👁️

  25. Yes we'd like to see you do this with wiever games

  26. My demon is short timed games lol. After playing bots and correspondence for so long i now realize it was mediocre prep for anything but openings. Getting better after switching to 10+5 or 5+5. I currently need more than 5 minutes to process a typical competitive game.

    Also bots are SO non representative of people. A 2000 bot is easy easier to beat than a 1500 in correspondence. Also i don't like correspondence letting us use Explorer.

    Oh and a tip. Using analyze (not stockfish but the ability to play out lines on the board furing a bot or correspondence game is a massive crutch)

    Oh and Explorer goes until a novelty which is crazy. You can be fed like 20 moves.

  27. I can use game analysis 2 or 3 times a day and it will ask for subscription 🙃🙃🙃🙃 what do i do next ?

  28. Can you do a video about how to do that without premium

  29. My problem is that I am not yet skilled enough to interpret the game reviews as you describe. I guess I would need an actual teacher to help me here.

  30. 1:25 it would be so funny if he just appeared with a changed shirt after saying this

  31. Bruh, if I'm not mistaken you were used to hate the dutch 😃

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