I hate you, Chess.com

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  1. Buddy Buckets is a reference to a movie franchise where a dog plays basketball due to a loophole in the rules. The movie is called Air Bud.

  2. 15:41
    Levy: Plays the Dutch
    Me, an avid Dutch enjoyer: “LENINGRAD! LENINGRAD! LENINGRAD! LENINGRAD!”
    Levy: Play the Leningrad variation

  3. Rest in peace Levy🕊️🕊️🕊️ Fly high

  4. The best part is when you beat him, he says: "I still love you."
    – And that just breaks my cold, black heart.

  5. 4 million followers any day now, Gothamchess!! You are on a roll!

  6. 4:19 what if the bishop takes the knight on d2, this loses a pawn for you levy, doesnt it?

  7. Κωνσταντίνος Σιαμαντούρας says:

    "What do i want from life??" This got me good 😂😂😂

  8. 13:03 The moment Benji's cuteness distracted Levy so that he misses Nc6, winning the queen or mate in 2

  9. "Check… and Queen back. How how do you guard the bish…. OHHH!?!?!?! I HUNG MY BISHOP!!!" – Every person that's ever played chess

  10. "He played well but unfortunately I'm very good at chess. And handsome." 😂

  11. Ngl the way he played after 24:00 is how I usually play and then hang a piece in one move. Now, he can understand my struggle.

  12. Imagine Levon roasting you for the entire month because you lost to his doggo

  13. 7:35 no I don't wanna share that was awful.
    Meantime sharing it with 500k+ people who are gonna watch it.

  14. You had the opportunity to put your cute dog in the thumbnail and didn't take it! WHAT!?

  15. the : Ooh nO tHat iS checkmate oh no had me rollin

  16. I'm pretty sure the first game where you BM'd a dog constitutes animal abuse.

  17. Benji vs. Ponchik for next video. Let doggo get revenge

  18. Is buddy buckets not a play on air bud?

  19. I've lost lije 50 games against that darn bucket dog. Without takeback, I can't win it.

  20. Yesterday I bought your Newyork style course for the Vienna Gambit/accepted & declined/ and studied it for hours It's really good. and I was predicting all your moves in the game with Benji

  21. My beef with the dog bots is that there's no dachshund. Dachshunds may not be the most intelligent dogs, but they're certainly the cleverest. More smart alack than smart. (I grew up with some.)

  22. Man, just think about us indians too,😂 I was just going to sleep and suddenly saw your video notification, and now I can't resist 😂😂
    It's 2 30 in the morning btw😅😅

  23. Levy, congrats for getting 3.99m subs its big milestone

  24. "Benji I really dont mean to beat you…. in chess." That was a close one gotham

  25. If the Benji bot gets high enough it would be fun to watch it versus the Gotham bot.

  26. Fairly sure "Buddy Buckets" is after "Air Bud", the kids movie from the 90s

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