I Made a BETTER Chess

You WILL enjoy your newly assigned hobbies 𓅱



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0:00 – Origins
0:54 – Rant
1:32 – Chess 2
2:10 – The NEW Rook
3:27 – The NEW Knight
4:58 – The NEW Bishop
5:54 – The NEW Pawn
7:16 – The King & Queen
7:48 – Jail.
8:13 – The Banana Catch
8:57 – Board Layout
10:33 – Clarifications + how you can play
10:58 – Ŝ̬ᴜβŜ̬ᴋʀiβ𓅱


  1. How we play chess

  2. You do realize that chess has been around for way longer than Pokémon if anything magic carp took inspiration from the pawn

  3. chess 2 basic summary:
    – rook -> rook | can fly anywhere – when 1 of your piece dies, it can kill in a 1 square radius
    – knight -> monke | can move 1 space in any direction – can swing over pieces, takes last piece in a swing
    – bishop -> elephant | can move 2 spaces in a diagonal (only 2), takes a piece it lands on
    – pawn -> fishy | can promote to a fishy queen (acts like a regular chess 1 queen) – can move 1 space in any direction besides backwards, can only take on left/right diagonals
    – king -> king | the same
    – queen -> queen | the same
    win by capturing the king and queen (not fishy queen those are NOT the same)
    monke can take the king back into the game once but there must be another piece for the monke to swing over and the monke must be facing the jail
    board layout:
    F – fish M- monke E- elephant R- rook Q- queen K- king

    the bear is a piece that is just a barricade and it starts in the middle – it moves 1 square and can be captured

  4. We not in the 21st century we still in 20th century as a century is every 100 years

  5. Hey oats just played chess 2 with my aunt and I won!!! 🙂

  6. Fun fact the rook in Italian is actually called tower…. Simple and clean it states what it represents. 😂👌

  7. This isn’t chess two this is just a different game. But yeah it is pretty much just a better version of chess

  8. Amagine if they made this

    nudge nudge wink wink

  9. I dare you to try playing it

  10. I and my friend played this game, and we say it was VERY entertaining, my friend was going, MONKEY, MONKEY, MONKEY, in a low-ish voice tone, and whenever he swings back and forth with the monkey. It was hilarious!

  11. How does he actually make it fun it doesn't make sense this is Eagle Eagle illegal

  12. pelikan flyer als eine handelsübliche broschüre says:

    omg i played it and i find the pieces extremely terrifying

  13. In my opinion you should've made the pawn a prawn

  14. u convert the chase into the zoo

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