I Played Chess Prodigies. It Was Terrifying.

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  1. gotham thinks i didnt see that original title

  2. Bro changed the thumbnail for for a reason

  3. Thank you levy! I can finally destroy all these kids

  4. Would it be ok if it's in a competitive setting like boxing?

  5. now the kids can also understand the pain of being an IM

  6. You beat Kids in a competitive game, i beat Kids in competitive life.

    We are not the same.

  7. Surf Shark supports the beating of children (At Chess)

  8. This video has "I'm going to kill you… in Minecraft" energy

  9. Levy can I ask, I’ve subscribed to you recently and ur always on my recommendations list… but why do you change the title of your videos every 45 minutes. It’s not a problem but I thought the title I BEAT KIDS was fine. Then u changed it some more like 4 times… I’ve also seen it on other video’s too. I just wanna know…. GREAT VID BTW LOVE UR CONTENT

  10. “I beat kids, which is something you shouldn’t do. Unless…”

  11. This is the real reason we want to get good at chess 🤣

  12. Beating kids is verryyy verrry common in asia. Literally beating with slippers , brooms , hand anything parents get their hands on

  13. Honestly, when I saw it was a chess tutorial I wanted to click away…

  14. Hahahahahahahahahaha i just liked the title 🫶🏻

  15. I also beat kids, I agree that their brains are like sponges

  16. Only real ones will know that the original title was "I beat kids"

  17. Now to see what youtube recommends after liking a video about beating children

  18. That’s clickbait, i haven’t cn the “at chess”

  19. imagine making money out of beating children..

  20. Instructions unclear, what if you are a child

  21. wow! can't believe this chess player beat childrens… smh

  22. I see the title like this “ how to Beat children… “

  23. It feels good seeing Gotham win chess games. He is a underdog in chess, not the best but his full potential is sealed away due to his nerves when facing higher rated players

    I just wish to see Gotham overcome those nerves and become a GM. Hopefully we will in the future

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