I Played Chess Prodigies. It Was Terrifying.

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  1. only ogs remember when the name of this video was "I beat children (in chess)"

  2. We've all seen the previous title. Don't hide it from us.

  3. damn what happened to the child beating

  4. Awh, levy changed the title, no more child abuse jokes 🙁

  5. why did you change the thumbnail and title 💀

  6. 7/10 stare, on the better end, yet i still feel that i own my soul, still a good stare

  7. And now for a word from our sponsor…the NSPCC and Child-line

  8. My tournament goal is always to never lose to a 7 year old, so far so good. 2-0 against 6 year olds, but 1/2 out of 2 against 11 year olds…

  9. Do you remember when this video was titled ''How To Beat Children(At Chess)'

  10. I was watching this while u uploaded your new video 😂😂

  11. The fact that he changed the title from "How to beat kids (at chess)" to this LOL

  12. why did bro change the name of the video?

  13. ain't no way surfshark sponsored lavy to beat children 💀💀

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