I’m done. Goodbye.

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  1. Please, just stop the clickbait titles.

  2. The deadly Roooooooooooooooooooook!!

  3. Please don't get too hung up on two 400 rated chess players!😁

  4. low elo games covered by you, amazingly great content. every time!

  5. Levy will never sacrifice his rook again after this one

  6. I understand the need for content, but sometimes you do need to step away. We'll still be here when you get back if you need a day off.

  7. Don't watch the video with captions, something is wrong with Kazem's name ;). Btw W Rook.

  8. Hope you enjoyed Kings day and your stay in Amsterdam!

  9. Welcome to my home town, Levy. Hope you enjoyed Amsterdam despite King's day. Me and my sons love your vids.

  10. Kazem been switching bitches more than i be switching shoes

  11. I feel much better with my Chess playing abilities after seeing this video.

  12. Amsterdam. The sewer of Holland. Where you have to be greatfull to eat somewhere. Not they.
    Enjoy. But this city has nothing to do with Holland.

  13. Nearly 60 years ago I used to play chess against one of my school mates (he was better than me so I learned a lot). Some of this is vaguely familiar. Checkmating with a king and rook for example. Tricky.. But I dont think I ever lost as many queens in one game. I'm pretty sure 9 year old me could have beaten either of these guys.

  14. Accidentally being in amsterdam for kings day is hilarious

  15. That camera positioned up high near the ceiling, why is it there? Very sus bedroom

  16. Stop being so mean ro beginners. Get it. Click bait and all but this type of content is getting stale.

  17. I was so nervous at the beginning of this video.

  18. 3 vids ago : road to GM
    2 vids ago : I was shocked when I realised who my opponent was
    Previous vid : banned for cheating
    This one : im done. Goodbye

  19. At this point, I was expecting a stale mate

  20. Thank you, now I cannot breathe. 🤣🤣🤣

  21. Please never do this again. Like this physically and physiologically hurt me.

  22. This is my favorite series. I’m gonna have to send one of my games to get roasted so I can be an honorary GM.

  23. I don't understand why does he change titles of videos

  24. Missed opportunity to call the video: THE ROOOOOOOOOK

  25. Mom wake up Levy is quitting chess for the 52nd time

  26. That Rook should have been promoted to a Queen

  27. 13:49
    If he takes the pawn the king will go to H4
    The bishop on b7 👁👄👁

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