INSANE Guess The Elo

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  1. Previously the one where the game opened with a3 and just got worse from there was the funniest one I'd seen, but game 3 topped that with the two 900s who played like 100s.

  2. The IM title obviously doesn't stand for Intro Master.

  3. The last game, instead of calling it a king walk, should be the king ladder

  4. I just got clickbaited. Man didnt shave

  5. I got an add for amazing hair on this video 😂

  6. ‘Big steak the one and only man’s not hot’ 💀

  7. Meanwhile i resigned to a GM in 40+ moves and had a 93% accuracy score. He had a 97% score. I wish it was 2017 again and i could win games with a 50% accuracy rate.

  8. Anyone knows how to send your game to Gotham for guess the elo?

  9. Petition for Levi to play evil mittens against magnus

  10. I feel like he really likes to flex on us with his wife

  11. please stop posting this garbage, I like your content but all you post is begineer videos.

  12. Guys he only made one episode on stream trust

  13. GothamChess has helped me with chess so much👁👄👁

  14. Game idea : drink every time he said "tremendous"

  15. You should have multiple channels in different languages, like Mr.Beast. I'm sure your sub-count would explode. Chess is played by people from many different countries (I'm sure you are aware). I'm sure it'd be a lot of work but it might be worth the try.

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