The World Chess Championships in a Nutshell

Aman commentates a tense sub battle game LIVE for YouTube… wait…

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  1. That was amazing. I love when you guys push yourselves and do something different like this

  2. Some funny references there.
    Val as Ding only knowing one opening (d4) which is pretty accurate

    Salty as Nepo being the inconsistent genius who can play at a low level (1200) or very well

  3. This is gold. But I still won´t support these guys.

  4. Hold on, I think I recognize this one. Isn't this one these immortal games played by Warshep?

  5. I want you to know that the title of this video had me excited all day to watch it. It was the one notification I didn't swipe, and the troll worked to perfection on me.

  6. I love all chessbrah content but this is probably up there as one of the most hilarious videos.

  7. I've been getting chewed up for this opinion but this is the WORST WCC in ages, probably in history. Seeing this many mistakes in modern chess is disappointing.

    Watching Magnus vs Nepo had me ASTONISHED at the skill displayed on the board. Watching Nepo vs Ding has me like… ?!?!?!

  8. BRILLIANT ! Besides the cofin dance chess video (put him the box) this takes the cake

  9. pretending this was a blitz game with the timers on screen makes this really funny

  10. Secret's out. Grandmasters are 1,000s rating under the hood.

  11. That's the recap I didn't know I needed

  12. I was watching the and going "Okay messing up your kingside pawn structure seems like a sub move " but then I was like "Man, Aman's subs are really good at complex positions all those puzzle rushes must be paying off" and then it hit me, I've seen this before. God chess is fun 😀

  13. lmaoooo. at first i was aww i wanted to hear about WCC, then i realized halfway haha

  14. “Practically forced mate” is the best troll of Salty

  15. both players must be disqualified from ever playing WCC, Such a game, at such a level is simply atrocious. it gave me brain damage!

  16. This is the most hilarious thing I've ever seen of the WCC. Genius idea

  17. And then, all of a sudden, you better understand Magnus! 😀

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