‘Like using the force’: Neuralink patient demonstrates how he plays chess using brain-chip

Noland Arbaugh, a 29-year-old quadriplegic who has a Neuralink brain-chip, demonstrates during a livestream how he is able to control his laptop cursor with his mind to play chess. Arbaugh received the implant in January, after the startup founded by Elon Musk was granted federal approval to test the device in humans. Following the approval from regulators, Reuters reported that US Food and Drug Administration inspectors found problems with recordkeeping and quality controls for animal experiments at the company.

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  1. What about an Emp Attack ? Does he goes offline !

  2. Imagine a neuralink person controlling another neuralink person by his brain. It's like hypnotising someone.

  3. Crazy how this is just being shrugged off like something normal and not getting much attention..

  4. He was listening to Virtual Insanity, that was actually my theme song for this week. That's just odd as it isn't a song you hear often these days.

  5. I’m just waiting to see how many people start trashing this life changing breakthrough for so many humans when they find out it’s Elon’s company

  6. This is how they built the pyramids 🫵👀 you'll see 😉

  7. Heard he uses it to play Civilization, epic

  8. this is so insane my brain can’t even comprehend how this is possible

  9. Let us not forget, Michael Reeves drove his first mind-controlled car in 2018

  10. Nice they can attach a robot to him so he can move as well

  11. What happens if the software gets a virus?
    And once connected can u be hacked?

  12. Doctor: "You've broken your C4 and C5"


  13. Humanity has invented artificial force powers before a cure to cancer….
    Idk how to feel about this

  14. Unfortunately because it has Musk's grubby hands on it, I don't believe it. He has faked way too many things.

  15. Mind-blowing.
    Why are there no scars on his head?

  16. Can you imagine when we get to the level where it can start correcting dyslexia? ADHD? Stimulating gaba release in treatment resistant depression? Moderating manic episodes in bipolar? We’re watching the start of the next evolution of mankind

  17. I have no problem with this but have issues with me as a person not a quadriplegic getting a implant. My regular limbs are just fine. No chips for me.

  18. So is it an eye-tracker or is it actually reading his brain?

  19. Crazy they try to make it like its going to improve us while we let it consume humanity and no cares . I love being alive rn

  20. Now put all the internet information to his mind all at once and make him the smartest man on this planet

  21. Πολλά μπράβο Ιάσονα για τ βιντεακια που έστειλες σμρ πολύ ωραία κ κατανοητά χωρίς ν πλατιαζουν τέτοια θέλουμε!! Το συγκεκριμένο άτομο έγινε πειραματόζωο αλλά αν βρισκόμασταν στ θέση του εμείς τι θ κάναμε??

  22. Ja vi um caso onde um cara botou o chip e nao acabou legal, morreu afundando no rio em 2004 isso

  23. One just needs to be careful of the dirty thoughts which till now was always private.

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