Teenager Defeats Magnus Carlsen in 3 Chess Games!

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  1. If you talk about f and Hulu I’m citing this.

  2. Bro you coudlve mentioned holi😭 itss the festival of colors here in india..
    But its okay..😊 happy holi

  3. Hey,make stock fish and the youngest GM fight

  4. levy!! how can we send you our games for guess the elo or how to lose at chess

  5. Gotham!!! My son won his first chess tournament today and qualified for the elementary state championship in WA! Thank you for inspiring him to play! We get to travel and play chess now which is so much fun and we’re so grateful for you. Cheers!

  6. Hikaru is laughing his a$$ off after that win😂

  7. Magnus uncovering cheaters every time he loses. Hilarious

  8. I suggest you to make a history deep dive of Sultan Khan. In an international career of less than 5 years, he won the British Championship 3 times and even beat Capablanca.

  9. I know nobody will see but just in case if 99% of the world thinks ur ugly 800,000 people think u are at least ok

  10. The results of each game is spoiled by the change in ELO at the beginning of the game

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