Magnus Carlsen: PERFECT CHESS

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  1. I never knew chess could be this exciting, thanks to the sideline commentating from Levy! In fact I think chess like this is as exciting if not more, than a football/soccer game. But one needs a genius to point out the genius moves from the grand master!

  2. "It's my birthday so I'm allowed to poop on the floor" You just brought back a memory of my child on her birthday….

  3. Levy you are truly the best amongs all chess narrators. Listening to you Is just like reading Alexandre Dumas "The Three Musketeers". Such passion, such accuracy narrating the actions and the calmness of the tought process. I mean. I hate to tell someone he/she Is the best because, you know, it's a matter of personal opinion but man, you are outstanding. I love the way you talk. I feel like i'm in the zone.

  4. Second game looks like Morphy with bishops on d3 and e3

  5. The double knight sac was neat as hell

  6. I hadn't watched chess videos in a while, I'm glad to be here to say congratulations on the 4 million subs 🎉 by far the BEST Chess channel on YT

  7. Day 1 of asking Levi to make a video reviewing the It’s always sunny in Philadelphia chess cheating episode

  8. I, along with THANDSANDS of others, started playing chess because of you. We are more grateful than we could ever image normally.

  9. Props to the hostage keeper for sacrificing “THE TANK TOP” and giving Levy the Shirt

  10. hey gotham u helped me get into chess and u earned yourself 1 out of 4m subs today gl on ur chess journey hopefully u will be better then magnus one day 🙂

  11. Congrats on 4M, I love what you do and get it. Thanks

  12. Congratulations 🎊 on 4MILLION I’m not shocked

  13. Getting the world title monkey off your back allows for a far more relaxed performance

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