Magnus Carlsen: PERFECT CHESS

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  1. Todays stare was a whopping 1 second and 73ms or 1,073 seconds.

    Also congrats on 4mil, very much deserved.

  2. We get serve breakfast and launch hear😂 and it's tasty

  3. Bro i swear Levy is such à good commentator🔥

  4. This Mango Carlos looks like a skillful player

  5. Magnus's ideas are like onions: Yes, they can make you cry.

  6. 4 Million Subscribers, Congrats Levy! 🎉🎉🎉

  7. 4 mil. Who cares about the chess? You are very pretty!

  8. 19:04 “I’m going to serve you some dessert, and it’s disgusting.” 😂😂😂

  9. Congratulations 🎉 I subscribed your channel when you had 50k-80k subs and enjoyed every single video you released. Well done. You're amazing personality. Let's only grow bigger! ❤

  10. Sir Levi that "here or here or here or here or here" stuff is what what that old nice guy Sir GM Yasser Serirwan called the massaging of the sqruares.

  11. 4 mil subs I’ll help the algorithm too <bot activities>

  12. Congrats Levi on the 4 million 🥳

  13. Congrats for 4 mil levy, but did anyone notice how the board changed colors after Be2?

  14. Maróczi bind from the Hungarian chess player Géza Maróczi. 10:42

  15. MAGNUS MAGNUS MAGNUS….!!! I can't get enough, I'm hopeless. Thank you, Levy

  16. Magnus really is giving Levy a lot to talk about this month.

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