MASSIVE WIN | World Chess Championship

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  1. Your litterally 400
    levy why you be roasting us like that?

  2. Im new to chess and I absolutely love how this guy plays an entire game out in his imagination to show us all the possibilities of the best move at that time. Very informative, especially for new players. Thank you.

  3. On your stream you say don't click. Here, please click. Why? You had a chance to do your makeup? Btw, Ding Nepo 6 has been over for a half an hour and no video. Are you feeling okay?

  4. I wanna get better, but I feel like my bad memory will prevent me from ever becoming a good chess player.

  5. It was originally titled: “Absolutely terrible”, now “Can you please watch this?” What do you think he’s going to title it next

  6. Seeing a win from Black at this level of play is always a story worth telling. Beautiful game.

  7. yeah I'll be honest I'm not sure how much of the current resurgence in chess even cares about high level play. We've had a parade of incredible players for years, chess royalty, but also…chess royalty. They're figureheads. The power was seized by the engine. Top-level play will never emerge from its shadow. It takes a special perspective to even see the value in high level play after that, how uniquely human the game remains at that level. (I suppose Magnus has done a lot to reinforce that human element with his drama lol) 

    What's fueling the current resurgence is a return of interest to low-level play. What chess is like down at an approachable level. It's a different game, honestly. And yes, it's plagued with inaccuracies, with blunders, but the winner is the one who makes the second-to-last mistake*, and it's only a mistake if it's punished. So yeah I like 600 ELO analysis, because we're the ones giving you headaches lol

    but I'm here to see what you enjoy about this level of play. I think it's only fair if you've taken an interest in us that we take an interest in you haha. Just decided I'd let the playlist fill up a little before I start.

    * would you believe I learned that from my Go sensei? lol, only just learned it was originally said about chess

  8. next time i want to jump off something with my friend i’m gonna play h3, thanks gotham

  9. I mean you gotta admit is worth coming here in this clip to watch 16:54 moment of levy saying the THE ROOOK

  10. "No Magnus, no views." Incredibly true quote

  11. rapport told ding that if he doesn't play h3, he will fart all night in the hotel room. which is also why ding switched hotel rooms.

  12. Levy make UFC or MMA content, I wanna hear your takes

  13. 19:26 no magnus no views
    But now u have more views than magnus 2022 game 2

    Btw I support nepo❤

  14. never expected to get UFC spoilers on gothamchess, that sucked, but who says " did you see that pereira KO" and means he gets KO'd? i thought vise versa so it was still a fun watch.. haha

  15. Do you really have to make so many ads for this videos?

  16. gotham pls open a hoodie store i need that hoodie

  17. Ian sacrificing THE ROOOOOOOOOOOOK!

  18. If people knew Nepo's name, he would be a content machine. Been following the candidates for the past 6 years now and he always produces the most exciting games with great results.

  19. Bah, someone that was utterly thrashed by Magnus last time is going to be the world chess champion. Irrelevant championship.

  20. yeah not expecting Pereira getting ko

  21. 3:18
    Viewer: I play h3 all the time
    Gotham: yup you're 400

  22. No matter who wins we all know magnus is still #1

  23. Small thing. You likely wont see this comment, but thumbnail gave away the victory. Ding looking sad and Ian looking triumphant spoiled the video….I already knew who won.

  24. The fact that Nepo didn’t win a single match against Magnus still blows my mind, there’s only one king

  25. Ngl Idc this year cus Cagnus isn’t their

  26. I don't know, Ding's prep didn't really make sense, that H2 to H3 pawn move didn't make any sense at all, he lost a whole move on that. I thought perhaps we would get an explanation for that move later, but nothing. What a waste.

  27. I would rather say no Magnus no crown my friendly neighborhood chess dude

  28. thinking on a move for 34 minutes is crazy

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