Mike Tyson A Chess Prodigy

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  1. Million dollar idea: Everytime you lose a thingy u get punched by ur oppenent

  2. Mike Tyson would still lose against magnus. Magus would DEFINITELY beat mike Tyson in the chess game before 2 minutes is up

  3. "It favors better boxers, not strategy."

    I can't even begin with the irony in this statement.

  4. I would do better in checkers than chess I never played it before

  5. the ppl who solely go on youtube shorts are clearly seen in thsi comment section

  6. Magnus literally beat Bill Gates in something like 12 seconds

  7. Just burn your time in Chess and then smack the Chess player in a boxing match.

  8. The matches are usual set by rating and weight class

  9. if people are worried that chess boxing favorites boxing go play normal chess?

  10. Also do you have to make a move or can you just wait on your move and then proceed to beat the opponent up instantly?

  11. Mike tyson could also wait two minutes if the time is longer than 2 minutes and then just box

  12. I am positive magnus can win Mike Tyson within like 20 secs. In chess ofc

  13. That’s why the match up for chess boxing have similar chess skills and similar boxing skills

  14. I'd love to see Andrew tate fight his father(chess coach) in chess boxing

  15. Trust me, Mike Tyson is gonna lose in the first 2 minutes of chess.

  16. Just be a good boxer and wait for the full 2 minutes before moving, then you're good to go

  17. Andrew tate would be a world champion in this

  18. Accidently blunders the queen
    Proceeds to beat the enemy to death

  19. Prime Mike Tyson vs prime Magnus Carlsen would be a cool match to see

  20. But then on the alternative a master of Chess could easily defeat the novice in a game of chess within 2 minutes

  21. As long as he doesn't lose in the first 2 minutes😂

  22. I honestly love Chess Boxing, as Mike Tyson would get mated in 2 and Chess Players cannot survive the boxing IF they don't get good at both. All the chess player needs to do is survive for a 2 minutes boxing section and they are guaranteed a win against a moron that hits hard

  23. To be honest bro chess players can cope this is an interesting idea

  24. Mike Tyson will take all first 2 minutes and will not move any piece and will knockout anyone in boxing round 😂

  25. Mike Tyson would lose to Magnus Carlson in 2 mins, then Mike Tyson will knock him out in 5 seconds 😂

  26. Andrew Tate: Finally, Now I can flex how intelligent I am by Beating someone up

  27. Manny Pacquiao vs Magnus Carsen , Hikaru Nakamura, Bobby Fischer , Paul Morphy , Ding Liren and Levi

  28. Andrew tate: Ha! These brokies will see my full potential!

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