NASA Guess The Elo

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  1. A person who has experience tossing babies says:

    petition to name the plant bob

  2. Imagine levy was a cat floating in space and he sacrifices the rook.

  3. Those people are trusted to be in space for a reason

  4. your a real one for going to space just for the thumbnail

  5. tons of geniuses who get real jobs playing chess against each other. This I gotta see

  6. So, I just taught a demo lesson for eight graders on this. Pluto is no longer a planet we consider it a dwarf planet now. We used to just call anything rounded and roughly large enough orbiting the sun a planet, but then we found many more objects in the Kuiper Belt about the same size as Pluto that we didn't think were planets, and scientists wanted to get a stronger definition of the term planet. So, we came up with four criteria of a planet: it must orbit the sun, it must be spherical, it must not orbit anything else, and it must have enough gravity to clear its own orbit. Pluto fails the last of these criteria, since it is surrounded by debris from the Kuiper Belt. So, we now consider it a dwarf planet. In the words of Gus, "You heard about what happened to Pluto? That's messed up."

  7. weirdest place i’ve played was a yeat concert ☠️

  8. hi mate…..make plz a video how to be focus in a game and dont play…..stupiid thinks big misteke and free stuff

  9. Houston, we've got a problem…our rook is hanging

  10. I played chess with quite a few aerospace engineering majors in undergrad, I imagine it's a popular hobby in the industry; I've never met an engineer that didn't like puzzles

  11. What time format did you think they played? Daily?

  12. 6:35 pawn a3 doesnt actually do anything since the pawn is pinned by the rook. The Eval dropped immediately

  13. chess got banned on school devices due to too many people on it instead of doing schoolwork 💀

  14. Can we all just admire Levy's ability to addon to the old phrase we atak, we protec.

  15. To answer your question: Pluto is a dwarf planet, meaning it's not a proper planet like Uranus or Venus are.

  16. Hey levy i played chess in a taxi near rabat morocco a total stranger i spotted playing chess in his phone in some getto chess app
    The conclusion of the game :i crushed his soul
    Have a good day

  17. @GothamChess there is a reason why some guys are flying in the space and why some guys are supporting them down from the Earth, although mission control just made it spicier unnecessarily, probably for fun, but I can be wrong.. I'm actually glad that despite the fact that those individuals are not playing chess for a living like you, they are still able to make logical moves, see patterns etc. It makes me as a person a more calm, that those guardian angels have something between their ears.

    Other than that it was very enjoyable to watch and I wish those guys in space, far away from home, all the best and also those who support them down from the Earth on the daily basis. Amazing stuff.

    Thanks for everything.

    BTW. Pluto is not a planet anymore, but I think you knew about before, you just only joked around.

  18. I brought my chess board with me to my local anime convention, set up shop at any table with 2 or more chairs, and just invited random passerby for games.

  19. I guess you could say that this game was, out of this world😂

  20. ISS played the last moves like a national master at least

  21. From the opening it literally felt like aliens playing chess

  22. They protec They attac and they bring astronauts bacc 😭

  23. Levy's face in this video's thumbnail might be just as scary as his stare in the intro

  24. Every honorary GM title I see in a Gotham video is now just Giga Master because that’s never leaving my head

  25. Why does Levi look like a Trotsky impersonator? Not saying its a bad thing tho…

  26. Teachers get mad at me? They play chess with me and I haven't lost yet!

  27. good job for the title, really got me to click

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