Oppenheimer vs Einstein: CHESS MATCH

Credit to Sportskeeda for the image:

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  1. I really appreciate your effort as always but I must say this one with the hotel setting, you way less energetic tone and heavy breathing is much sub par compared to the quality of your usual vids

  2. You can see clarly how levy knows when a video might get to new audience, it's interesting

  3. why does levy sound like michael from vsauce but with a deeper voice

  4. I wonder how well read levy is. He almost knows at least something about everything? Like sociology, science, law etc.

  5. crazy gotham hasnt made a vid on this game until now

  6. He was no destroyer of the chess board hit me hard 😂😂😂😂

  7. considering brilliance of both oppie and albert this game is mid af

  8. You really need to adjust the settings of your travel mic. Your breathing sounds are really annoying.

  9. 1:30 there are also more ways to shuffle two decks of cards than atoms in the universe. . . by 100 Quintillion times. A chessboard is a bit overkill 🙂

  10. The real talent here is you Gotham, great story telling capability with passion. You would make a great salesman for anything in life to humans.

  11. I want Levy to guess their elo, `cause I`m getting strong 800-900 vibes

  12. "Einstein was a Gotham chess subscriber" 🙂🙂🙂

  13. I'm extremely distantly related to Oppenheimer, on my father's mother's side!

  14. bro gotham is being held hostage in his apartment he's not in the pogchmaps stream #FREELEVY

  15. “There are more chess positions possible than there are atoms in the universe.” Lol who told you that? Sounds like bs.

  16. Hey Gotham!

    If you were to glue, like no one would do, a couple of tiny chesspieces on top of your glasses for a video; witch piece would it be, and why, mr G?

  17. Blink twice if you're held under hostage Levy

  18. after seeing Hitler playing Lenin, i actually believe that this is a real game, that absolutly happened

  19. That "hotel room" background looks an awful lot like it has been greenscreened in.

  20. “Can’t believe it” by t-pain is such a classic

  21. Oh i can see by your talking style. That you put very very extra effort in this video.. and ur shhshshsh after every bit of sec… is great🎉🎉🎉

  22. Einstein really said: "I'm not in danger… because I AM the danger"

  23. More possible positions than in the OBSERVABLE universe(!), which is probably far far less in size than the actual universe. Just to clarify 😂

  24. Oppenheimer sacrificed… JAPAN!!!!!

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