Oppenheimer vs Einstein: CHESS MATCH

Credit to Sportskeeda for the image:

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  1. Next up Barbie vs Oppenheimer playing chess in the park in Gotham City. Superman is referee.

  2. Hey levy I got castle victory achievement today or I checkmated my opponent by Castleling

  3. If this game is real, Oppenheimer was literally a worse chess player than I am. And that takes some special skill.

  4. What about bishop D5 at 11:10

    If he takes with the knight then knight G6 reveal check and take his rook

  5. Einstein played chess as a boy, became great friends with World Champion Emanuel Lasker and was about 1800+ in strength.

  6. They kept a log of the moves?


    if it's a friendly game between between 2 who don't play much chess – probably not.

    crappy game I'd say, and I'm not a strong players.

  7. with an infinite universe and a finite amount of positions on the board, idk if you can say there are more chess positions than atoms in the universe

  8. I find the angle you took on this video to be pretty interesting. Explaining it from a very elementary perspective, understanding that there's a good change this vid will reach people who don't regularly watch your channel or chess content in general because of the Oppenheimer movie.

    Good for views, but a little annoying to people who are actually into chess I think.

  9. Levy trying to teach us the fundamentals of chess.😅

  10. Please make a video on Sherlock vs Moriarty chess game from Sherlock Holmes:A Game of Shadows

  11. Frank is making levy act as a new guy creating content about chess

  12. Levy is delaying as much time as he can so he can get some ad revenue for a couple more dollars, pathetic.

  13. Levy, please make a a comment in support of transgender chess players internationally.

  14. Bro i'm not gonna lie I first read the title as epstien, but that would be a different type of video

  15. Levy’s stare ended very quickly, this is him calling for help after getting kidnapped

  16. Proud to say I found you before that movie! But super happy for your success man!!

  17. I haven't played chess for 20yrs…wanna see how I did?

  18. gotham speaking to oppenheimer fans, not us

  19. Levy keeps saying that there are more chess positions possible than atoms in the universe which is not true! He is talking about possible chess GAMES! Where same positions can occur multiple times!

    On every square there can be either one of the 6 pieces or it can be empty. So 7 possibilities for every square. So the upper bound for chess positions is 7^64 which in the grand scheme is not that big of a number at all

  20. can we all take a moment to appreciate levy's commentary laced with brilliant physics and atomic related puns

  21. It has not crossed $1B at the box office. Stop spreading misinformation Levy.

  22. ''I am become Frank, destroyer of xQc.'' – Albert Einstein

  23. Ask Christopher nolan he may know about oppenheimer

  24. Why aren’t you covering the Pragg vs Erigasi match? Kind of pathetic you’ll only cover Magnus continuously.

  25. “PP on the PP”
    – GothamChess 2023

  26. they were physicists:3 but potato potato right?:3

  27. Robert Oppenheimer was a great scientist, but he was chosen for his leadership skills. This was won from the beginning.

  28. 'I am Einstein, the destroyer of the destroyer of worlds.'
    -Albert Einstein

  29. Oppenheimer bombed einsteins house after that game.

  30. I'm nitpicking but just because a move has been played before doesn't mean it's a "book move"..

  31. N=Knight. It was actually a big deal when they switched from Kn to N, and if memory serves, Capablanca complained about it being lazy.

  32. I frankly watched their chess game yesterday on Instagram reels 😅

  33. 14:44 Very interesting for einstein to move oppen's piece for him. A visionary in chess indeed!

  34. Never seen so many ads on a chess video. Very poor, constantly interrupted experience.

  35. Barbie vs Ken chess match video when?

  36. Albert Einstein was great scientist. He is known as Father of modern Physics. No one can compete with him. He is greatest scientist.

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