Raunak Battles Lazavik For a Place in the Finals | Junior Speed Chess Championship 2023 Semifinal #2

The 2023 Junior Speed Chess Championship (JSCC) is Chess.com’s top event for young players, featuring a $50,000 prize fund. The JSCC is the strongest online competition for the next’s generation of talents including Gukesh D, Raunak Sadhwani and more, with the winner qualifying for the Main Event of the 2023 Speed Chess Championship.

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  1. Denis played good Chess. Just sometimes isn't your day and had a few mistakes but definitely something he can build on and improve. His blitz speed is top tier

  2. Seeing this commentator reminds me why we have dress codes

  3. Remove the stupid canty, who is it to commentate GM games? If some idiot is required, then put a female.

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