The Queen………

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  1. Not that its relevant to the larger discussion, but the big "floating" rock art piece to me seems more fitting as part of a geology/earth sciences section in a science museum. You could provide some facts about how heavy it is and explain the physics behind how the tiny pedastals hold it up. With that added context people could feel the gravity of being underneath something so heavy. I feel like you could gain more meaning from it in that context rather than it being in front of an art museum.

  2. So I mean it was just a -2 trade 😅😅

  3. Die another day – He won : Bro's immortal

  4. And Levy complains the chess gods aren't on his side…

  5. Always the bishop keep coming from everywhere that u don't look

  6. How do queen slips always blunder the queen

  7. Imagine being soo good that botez gambit is basic exchange when you play it

  8. Missclick queen sac tactic botez mouseslip viriation

  9. Botez gambit “how am I not dead” variation

  10. Knight: i think im gonna fork on that
    Bishop:Nuh Uh
    Gotham: I wish i was livestreaming this game


  11. Bro bishops are always waiting like snipers on the roof Bang!

  12. bursa belediyesinin videoda ne işi var dkgrgdgygkfy

  13. I was playin with someone and he fork my queen but he didn't saw my bishop from far away and he resigned cause I was playing an endgame that time and he lost night that has no protection 😂😂

  14. اصعب مجموعة من رايي ميلان اتليتكو ليفربول بورتو سنة ٢١

  15. ساكا واحد وعشرين سنة بس يا جو

  16. He thought he blundered but the stockfish depth 18 computer says is a brilliant sacerfice….

  17. I am mid in playing 4k fnf. Bad at 6-9k fnf says:

    Botez Gambit: mouse slip variation: Sniper bishop variation

  18. I guess the lesson is don’t drag and drop? Usually the lessons are about chess coming from Gotham

  19. Sacrifices the qqqqquuuuueeeeennnnn

  20. Its alway that bishop thats wearing an invisibility cloak

  21. Nice mouseslip. Not even lost anything from it

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