The World Chess Championships in a Nutshell

Aman commentates a tense sub battle game LIVE for YouTube… wait…

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  1. Watched it once, read the comments, had to watch it again. Funniest thing ever.

  2. I realized that was ding vs nepo because of bishop d7 😂

  3. This is epic. The whole time i was like, "man i can't believe how similar this is to game 12"… haha

  4. Ok, saltyclown needs to learn on how to deal better with his nerves, not the first time we see him tilt like this. Two years ago he did the same against TheEndgameMagician, he needs to work on that.

  5. I haven’t felt a plot twist this good since inception

  6. This is the kind of 1200 play I expect to see on this channel 😉

  7. Aman has to make more content like this, this is hysterical 😂

  8. these guys gotta take the sub battle more seriously

  9. This took me maybe 2 minutes to actually realise this was the Ding v Nepo game hahahahahaha

  10. pinning that knight to…..literally nothing lol

  11. It's like there trying to play Game 12 from memory…

  12. I can't believe Aman has done this to me, I will no longer support these guys

  13. this made me chuckle quite a bit – nice one

  14. Had me right until Bg4 XD (tho tbh I thought the subs were trolling Aman by re-enacting the WCC)

  15. Ok, I realized around the 2 minute mark, good job haha

  16. The "knights on the rim are dim" comment is underrated.

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