The Worst Chess Game Mathematically Possible

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  1. Take a hit every time he says “worst possible move”

  2. Would be cool to see Levy (or another high level player) play against this and see if he can avoid winning.

  3. 8:56 “forced checkmate in 10 which obviously u saw” 😭😭😭

  4. Levi's new quote is "not in the way you think"

  5. You said you wouldn’t show anybody my game

  6. i miss the old thumbnails not these retarted 8yo ones please do ur shit normally

  7. Crush:Whoever loses, I let him smash

    Me and homie asf:

  8. What can we say? The kings are loyal, they won’t cheat on the queens. Unless it’s with a horse.😅

  9. Levy: chess is good
    Levy: pieces are good, but.
    Also levy: KNIGHT

  10. This video almost made me vomit.

    From laughing.

  11. 6:05 I actually found the mate in about 4 minutes. I found the first move, pawn to b3 and if needed rook b2. Then if the king goes to c5, there´s pawn to d4 mate.

  12. its interesting because there are plenty of opportunitites to force the enemy king to take a queen or other piece, but thats not the worst move per se because the piece is already hanging, despite the assumption that it will be taken being false in this case. although now i would love to see stockfish play antichess

  13. 13:26 I don't get why promoting by taking the rook is the worst possible move. How about promoting by just pushing the pawn forward?

  14. The most immortal game I’ve ever seen in my life

  15. Make a stockfish that is incredibly good at stalemating, that is intentionally programmed to find the best sequence of moves to result in a draw / stalemate.

  16. So this will be the openings in chess when humans reach 3500++

  17. “What are the first two letters of the alphabet?”

    Gotham: 8:40

  18. This game: exists
    Knights: are we a joke to you?

  19. stockfish ( 3700 elo and it turns into -3700 elo )

  20. eval having a stroke but 100x strength:

  21. It's still thinking wrong way around, because of how stockfish is programmed.
    So it's based of off best possible moves when calculating the worst move.

  22. Well that was just 18 minutss of the twin stockfish engines bludgeoning themselves in the head with a hammer continuously while screaming at the other to put them out of their misery.

  23. "Chess played at its worst is always a draw."

  24. Levi throws around the word "solved" with wild abandon, which makes me cringe as a mathematician. The bots weren't even programmed to play the worst move in this format, they play the worst move assuming that the other player is trying to win. Still a fun video though.

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