Why Brilliant Moves ARE A LIE

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  1. Me finally beginning to make brilliant moves: 🙂
    Also me seeing the video:😔

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHA BRO LEVY HAD ME LAUGHING THE WHOLE VIDEO, Him standing at the end sent me!!

  3. The last game Black is a dane my god

  4. Levy, at 14:31 the move was brilliant because it forced a backrank mate :')

    Follow the sequence if "white took all pieces it could capture, starting with the Bxa6".

    (W) Bxa6 > (B) Rxe1 (check) > (W) Rxe1 > (B) Qxe1 (checkmate)

  5. אסף אנחנו גאים בך, תמשיך לייצג את המדינה בכבוד! @ASAF4805

  6. I am the best of seeing brilliants i got 89 in one month and 7 a day!

  7. The categorization of a brilliant move is one in which the move is particularly difficult to find while still being he best/only good move.

  8. Levi I love ur content but ur haircut trash

  9. Two things. First of all, the most random moves will be brilliant and then not in any way explain to me why it's a brilliant move. In alot of videos with low level analysis I see Levy explaining the plan of a player – but he doesn't realize that the new player doesn't realize the opportunity and will never take advantage of it. Same thing with brilliant moves. New players rarely take advantage of them lmao

  10. im high 700 since I cant defend my 800 cause ITS NOT TYPICAL!! I got piece for free maybe once per 5 games max and if im lucky counting both rapid and blitz games and never 2 or more pieces in one game stop trolling me with those ridiculous 700-800 Elo games QQ but even I noticed my brilliant moves usualy are just good idea I had and I felt it wasnt as good. also great moves are overestimated for me as its litteraly described as only move that works. imho its easier to find one good move between all other bad ones rather than find best one among many more or less good moves you can make.

  11. The pawn brilliant move reasons,
    *Sacrifices rook
    *Knight can escape now
    *Dark bishop got more active

  12. That last brilliant move is good because it saves the knight on a1 through the sequence Nc2 -> Na3 and maybe a trade. If instead you save your rook, even with an attack on white's bishop, Be4 prevents d3 and black loses the Knight. Of course, a <400 rated player would not see it, and clearly did not see it. But I'm fairly confident that this is the idea.

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