Why Brilliant Moves ARE A LIE

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  1. My brother castles queen side when an attack was not a threat and it's a brilliant cause he lost a pawn

  2. I've only had one brilliant move in my life. Still don't know how it's brilliant. I blundered a bishop but the game review said it was brilliant. No clue how

  3. It seems Levy just sacrificied his hair in the barber Gambit.

  4. I'm not 100% sure, but I heard from different people who said that the brilliant moves are connected to the elo. So I think that might make a little bit more sense…

  5. I think ELO is tied to brilliant moves, because I remember when I was 700 I got a brilliant move, then when I came back to that game when I was 1000, it got turned into a good move….

  6. Here's my thoughts: the computer analyses the whole game first, so they know what they played, and that's why we get brilliant moves

  7. My most recent brilliant move was a pawn and knight vs pawn endgame, just sacking the knight was enough for a brilliant move because my pawn was too far away for the opponent's king to capture. Seeing the review show a brilliant and then finding out that it was such an obvious move was a massive letdown.

  8. Bro a few days ago I sacrificed my queen to find mate in 3. All I got was a best move. AND THE FOLLOW UP TO THE QUEEN SAC GOT A GREAT MOVE. HOW DOES THAT EVEN WORK?

  9. Brilliant moves are a lie because I don't get any

  10. I got a brilliant it, but then I blundered right after I still won but I missed made a mate in one😢

  11. Yeah, i am the Indian_knightrider in the 1st reviewed game😂
    Not gonna lie, those were some pretty nasty moves

  12. I love to see that the comments section just roasts Levy that he “don't” know how the Brilliant move works

  13. 22:22 i think it has something to do with the knight. before he wasn't able to save it

  14. I love how Levy tries not to talk about his masterclass but he ends up talking about it anyway.

    Edit: THANK YOU FOR 1


  15. And he sacrificed the “HAIRCUTTTTTT”

  16. Why does Levy's left eye blinks first , or is it just me ?

  17. i one time moved a rook to a open line and got a brilliant move

  18. I got a brilliant when I was +9 and it wasn’t even a sacrifice

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