Viswanathan Anand On Praggnanandhaa’s Chess World Cup Loss: He Fought Well | BQ Prime

Former five-time World Chess Champion Viswanathan Anand praises Praggnanandhaa’s game as the 18-year-old loses to Magnus Carlsen in Fide World Cup. “We are seeing a new star,” Anand said.

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  1. I agree! (BTW, Vishy is my age but he looks 30!)

  2. You are so right ….we should of proud of this guy …winning and loosing is always there in life , what matter is the intensity of participation ….he is very very competitive …a silent dynamo in chess …..he is the next super star to watch …all the best

  3. Vishy such a nice guy love the way how he explains the situation

  4. "fatigue caught up" oh please stop lmfao , mans salty he losing to magnus so many times past ten years

  5. Yes , I fan magnus, but pragg is the future…

  6. Mr Anand🙏 without your steps Indian chess never be like today I wish if they can reach half of your success!! From Hungary with Love🙏

  7. That’s you have to be physically fit to fight fatigue. Lots of cold shower and ice plunging in addition to workouts

  8. It would be great if Pragg qualifies as the top contender for the next FIDE world championship match, and Vishy becomes his second.

  9. Thank you, Vishy Sir. You akways find the right words.

  10. Anand’s August 2023 Fide Ranking is World No. 9. 🤯

  11. India is in the news on many fronts. I think the coming decade is set to be magnificent for India!

  12. Always great tp have past legends look to present day younsters and raise them up! Beautiful to watch!

  13. PraggnANANDhaa, there is strenght in this name!

  14. he's going to win it one day. Maybe future #1 rank. Magnus is an actual gangster though.

  15. The turning point for Pragg was his time scramble in the first tie-break game … He could have made a draw by managing more cautiously this critical game … Magnus was playing fast to increase the time pressure on Pragg … Experience matters!

  16. anand very funny with this painted wig ;

  17. الكيمياء والجيولوجيا للثانويه العامه عبدالله جاد says:

    Anand is not just aplayer he has agreat kin heart

  18. Exactly right, this is a great moment for Indian chess, which I found to be a popular game just meeting meeting people at random in the street and playing a few games. A sensational achievement.

  19. Viswanathan is a class act as a person and chess player – I know he is proud of the legacy he has left behind and this new generation that he inspired – I do NOT like how Pragganandhaa played today – not the moves he made but the strategy he used in the first game – it was boastful – arrogant – disrespectful even – you can call it "fighting spirit" but for me it was youthful folly – which was surprising to see – he is obviously handling the pressure of being in the Final well for someone his age – but I sensed he was there MORE for the fame – the riches – the notoriety – than for chess itself – he looked and played greedy chess – not beautiful chess – he was out to shame Magnus MORE than to honour himself – that is for me DISAPPOINTING – I do NOT think he will be the next star in Indian chess – I would suggest Gukesh or Arjun may both exceed him – this is likely the peak of his chess career – he will become like Duda and Firouza – arrogant – over-confident – reading the hype written about them – it has destroyed many wunderkind prodigy in the past – sure he is still young but he would do well to be more attentive of how Viswanathan always shows respect and honour to his opponent in his play – instead he rushed in like a mad bull with a red hot poker up his rear and after his initial thrust fizzled – he was done for – it was a poor showing as I expected MORE class – even if he had lost with class it would have been better than to win in the manner he attempted to

  20. Praggs 18 and came second to Magnus, the greatest player alive, if not ever, who had to win this world cup. He should be very proud. Especially since he was dead even in the classical.

  21. Young Pragg's feats are indeed exceptional..hearty wishes to Praggnanandhaa for his future endeavors ! ❤👍
    He had a phenomenal play today !

  22. I am waiting for Gukesh to qualify to candidates from the route of FIDE circuit …

  23. Pragg gehört die Zukunft und Vishy passt auf jeden Fall auf die Youngstars auf. Viele Grüße aus Paderborn -Moenkeloh Germany, Ralf Franz

  24. Pragg lost to Carlsen in the finals "after me".😅.

  25. Mr. Anand is the greatest Indian chess player and oke of the best in the history of chess. Huge inspiration

  26. He will take a day off and then get to candidates prep. Analyze all Fabi games.

  27. I think Prag is just getting started. It will be great to watch him continue to improve.

  28. Pragg is also the youngest ever to qualify for the WC final. So there's something "first" for him. First person who is less than insert age+1 year to qualify for the final and that's a great achievement.

  29. Don't miss GM Anand displaying the ductility, spontaneity and freshness of a block or marble.

  30. I think India will be a dominant Chess powerhouse in the future. At least 5 in the top 20!

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