When Magnus Carlsen Threw

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  1. omg I love this game lol. the lil OOP "I WON"

  2. Ewwwh sassy stare from levy today 😂

  3. Stare had a high amount of rizz and playfulness. 9/10

  4. Today levy’s stare was 9/10 short but sweet

    Edit:I swear if this is another clickbait title

    Edit 2:omg mom I’m famous

  5. Another great video from a great YouTuber

  6. Show the game where Magnus plays without a top

  7. levy trying not to put magnus in the title every other video (impossible)

  8. Levy trying not to milk magnus for content atleast once every 3 videos (next to impossible)

  9. Three things are certain in life
    1) Death
    2) Taxes
    3) GothamChess farming Magnus for views.

  10. Gotham always I don't know what to write but Gotham is goat a literal magnus carlsen Batman

    Wtf did I write

  11. That was harsh😁😁
    Love from Bangladesh 🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩

  12. Today's stare was a solid 7/10 showing a sign of happiness and spice .Looking like 😉 Levy ,made us have this feeling that if we watch his video we will feel equivalent to magnus as we all blunder Mates in 1 in the game of chess.

  13. I'm the first to see this video, love your videos ❤️ (will the 🐐 replay?)

  14. Accidentally clicked to the final part
    Levy: Now get out of here
    Me: No problem sir….

  15. Todays stare was a bit short but I could really see the personality and thoughts behind it.

  16. You are the best chess YouTuber and streamer and I wish you the best at the streamer awards too 👍

  17. I think this Just shows that everyone can become the best.

  18. This guy alone proves that chess can be stressful

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