Why is Magnus Carlsen so good?

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  1. Baydrix New Zealand War Robot Fanatics says:

    I love levi Gotham chess! This Guy is the reason chess is booming in 2023. Watch a few vids see why for yourself.. hes on point and fucking hallerious. My ello 700 – hovering 1200

  2. Magnus is just 20 Moves ahead of everbody else and his IQ might be well over 200

  3. He remembered the game from 1951 played in bar and is born in 90s

  4. Magnus clearly has a photographic memory, yet he also claims photographic memories don't exist 😂

  5. Put Magnus against Alpha Zero and it'll win a 1000 games in a row. At a certain point it nots more impressive than a kid who can solve rubiks cube.

  6. Memorization is the worst part of chess. It takes soul out of it. Understanding the game and patterns memorization is more important than memorizing move by move . At least i wish it should be the case. And then ofc calculating is very important

  7. His brain is just running on the newest Intel Processor thats all.

  8. Memory is different but related to intelligence.. Magnus is king of the endgame.

  9. Speaking of the Soviet Union. Levi always reminded me of Trotsky

  10. That sounds very similar to Andrew tates dad

  11. If you are watching this, please remember the children dying in P a l … s t i n e. Be informed about the genocide currently taking place and inform others. Find the facts, the true facts, not media propaganda and help spread the knowledge.

  12. i doubt that carlson remebered a game when he played 1951 in the sovjetunion

  13. Basically when he know he is going to lose, he always put in the statement “the opponent cheamted, i camnt comncemntrate”

  14. Its almost sad having a brain like his and wasting it on a game… He could of done great things

  15. no normal person is this smart. Is he on the spectrum?

  16. I can't even remember my gmail password.

  17. How has no one ever figured out Magnus is autistic

  18. God level intuition backed up by experience.

  19. ليش ما تقفل صوت النقلات ي دكتور🙄

  20. Average players: play the game trying checkmate and quick tricksGood players: can see weaknesses and act on themMasters: can create weaknesses and act on themGrand Masters: They can do everything else above, and anticipate ideas, being able to generate countergames and cause chain effects up to checkmateMagnus Carlsen: Anticipate everything when arranging the pieces and checkmate in 25 to 30.

  21. Magnus is the type of mechanic guys who would always lose to someone dynamic like Tal. Both are useless to the society

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