Will Frank Beat Magnus?

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  1. I was hoping Levy would not say the queen and instead say THE QUEEN

  2. Chances of Frank getting the GM title is more than levy's

  3. Bro put magnus and frank in the same title to gain views

  4. Deve essere un onore per mollica sfidare frank lol

  5. Nah you did him dirty with that thumbnail 😂😂 made him look sped asf

  6. All I'm gonna say is Frank gained 700 elo in just two months. When was the last time Magnus gained 700 elo?? Enough said

  7. He is learning some nice resources and tactics on mid game

  8. Levy, can you set up a game between Frank and Magnus? That would be really fascinating 😉

  9. If Magnus sees this video i think hed get angry at you for even thinkin he has a chance to beat him😂

  10. The question isn't if he will beat Magnus, it's when.

  11. Am I the only one that finds Frank just annoying and nothing spectacular? I dont get it

  12. I adore this storyline. What an advert for levys courses

  13. i didn't lose any game for 10years
    coz i never played any during the age of 0 – 10

  14. We are about to witness the great shift of chess history.

  15. Gotham the pieces movement sounds are too long. Love ya pls fix it

  16. Wait nobody is talking about the sound the pieces make when they move???

  17. I went from 1330 to 1400 in 2 days both in rapid and blitz

  18. I havent watched the video fully yet, but if he does somehow beat magnus anytime, he should be GM

  19. Question mark Question mark magnus decided to play frank the tank he is already lost

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