Nowadays, people are more interested in playing games than anything else. Chess belongs to some of the most favored ones. It is admired by millions of people across the world. As a consequence, they want to decorate their devices with various chess attributes. Thus, they can enjoy it while playing it in their free time. Or else, when they feel bored.

Attractive chess queen wallpapers in HD for your device

One of the most common and popular chess elements is the queen. There are many reasons for that, and we break them down further in the article. So you shouldn’t miss an opportunity to set such a great background on your screen. Here you’ll easily find a nice chess queen wallpaper in HD for mobile or PC.

Our pictures are available in different sizes and resolutions. So you can download them according to your needs and preferences. They range from small smartphone screens to desktop computers with large monitors. The images are also available in many styles. For instance, you may select black & white or colored variations, realistic or cartoonish ones, etc.

a nice chess queen wallpaper in HD for mobile or PC

You can use these images as wallpapers on any device. It is done by right-clicking on them and then saving them.

More about the queen

Initially, this unit was a medieval contribution to the chess board. It had come into the game around 997, replacing a piece called a king’s minister. At that time, it was only allowed to advance one space. In a few centuries, the queen’s abilities were enhanced.

More about the queen

Nowadays, the rules are simple. It moves in diagonals and is capable of passing through any number of squares. This only depends on the unit’s position on the board. Overall, the queen is considered one of the most powerful pieces in the game. It can attack from any angle and can achieve any square on the board.

Compared to the king, it’s much more dangerous to the enemies. Because it can move all over the field.

Queen’s features

Apart from the chess game, wallpaper with a king or queen simply looks good. This is a failsafe approach to apply such a background image at any place.

wallpaper with a king or queen simply looks good

The queen symbolizes our intention to fight and the nature of a warrior. It can let things loose and attack like a rook. It doesn’t have to hold back as you’d expect from the knight. So it’ll often advance to the other side of the board. Simply because it wishes to do so.

But being a highly valuable weapon is just one aspect. Other than that, the queen is instinctively protected by the rest of the team. Sometimes, you even need to sacrifice some units in order to protect it.

All in all, here are the essential queen’s features

Once you lose this chess piece, you lose the power of your fight. Of course, you’re still able to accomplish successfully any task the board represents to you. Nevertheless, losing the queen unit takes the sting out of your punch. Moreover, it gives the opportunity to your opponent.

All in all, here are the essential queen’s features:

  • The figure looks graceful and powerful
  • It’s associated with nobleness and honor, as well as other royal qualities
  • It can heavily affect the outcome of the whole game.


A chess wallpaper with a queen is a simple way to improve your device’s appearance. Just choose a proper background, and you’ll automatically look fancy and up-to-date.

In addition to this, we also have other categories of different genres on our website. If you are looking for something specific, then you can check them out as well.