People play chess not only from childhood but also after growing up. This board game has its history and traditions. And they fascinate many people around the world! No wonder, chess gradually spread into many different aspects of life including art.

A diverse collection of chess surrealism wallpapers

This page is dedicated to the surrealism genre combined with chess. We’ve stored a great compilation of images that include these elements. They look non-standard, unique, and original.

If you want to decorate your desktop with a beautiful illustration, then it’s your place. Here you will find a suitable chess surrealism wallpaper for your mobile or PC. It will make you smile, be excited, or proud of your taste.

decorate your desktop with a beautiful illustration

Besides, it’s just interesting to look through the pictures and get inspired. Watch these peculiar background images if you’re looking for fun ways to pass the time!

More about surrealism

This is a style of chess where the pieces aren’t represented by their traditional forms. They may be rendered as odd geometric shapes, such as circles and triangles. The elements can also form more elaborate designs such as mountains, animals, or people.

Chess surrealism wallpapers

Nevertheless, surrealism is one of the most popular genres of chess art. It has its own rules, which are based on the laws of chess. But they differ from those that exist in reality.

Basic features

The main feature of chess surrealism is the lack of realism in the images. The artist creates his world with different regulations, which don’t reflect reality at all.

Chess surrealism wallpapers

This style may express itself in many different ways: it can be funny or scary, bright or sad, gloomy or beautiful. There are even sadistic and erotic chess surrealism pieces. They tend to cause disgust among some people due to their extreme nature. At the same time, they attract others due to their originality and innovation.

The main idea behind this genre is that chess attributes can represent everything. No matter if it’s love, war, or other conceptions. Something entirely different from what we know about chess may be involved (for example, aliens).

The main feature of chess surrealism is the lack of realism in the images

A chess surrealism wallpaper for your PC is a great background option. It distracts from daily routine and makes your life brighter. This is an original and smart decoration for your desktop.

A chess surrealism wallpaper for your PC is a great background option


All images are in high resolution and can be used on your desktop. We have created this compilation, especially for art lovers. You will easily find your favorite chess surrealism wallpaper with cool details to your taste.

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