I’m Cancelling Guess The Elo


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0:00 Intro
1:16 Game 1
5:45 Game 2
12:00 Game 3
21:35 Game 4
30:05 Game 5

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  1. Guess the ELO gets cancelled like every other episode

  2. As soon as I saw 50% off, I had to stop the video and immediately go to Chessly, lol. Thanks, Levy.

  3. Gothamchess im a big fan can I please be in a video of guess the video please tell me how to if yes I'm a big fan widh to see you in person

  4. "Is this your friend? Did you pay this guy to lose to you?"


  5. Yo levy, I got 2 brilliant moves in 1 game today, and I KNEW what I was doing

  6. 21:38 love that this is back, I’m a recent subscriber and watched almost all the old episodes.

  7. I find GTE’s like this very stressful to watch. I can’t even imagine what it must be like from Levy’s perspective.

  8. Levy i just want to say that you perfectly described us 800elo players because our early games are really a massacre😂

  9. New Hampshire has Manchester Regional Airport. Never use Logan always use Manchester.

  10. as a queens gambit enjoyer, i will check out the course

  11. Can confirm we have airports in New Hampshire.

  12. At 10:13 why the hell couldn’t the king move to g6 or g5? There’s literally nothing there im confused

  13. Yooooo! It’s my boy Sean!

  14. I will never submit guess the elo. I swear

  15. "is this magnus" 5 seconds later.. prob 1500 XD

  16. Whenever I play chess and miss a mate, I can just hear Levy screaming his mind off. Not so much when I hang something, but when I miss a mate I can just hear his annoying high pitched voice haha

  17. please ban "Hi YT" from your twitch comments that's hands down the corniest shit its 2023 not 2016

  18. Levy I want to see if you could show me how to submit a game to guess the elo because I'm am really bad.😅 And want to give you great content.

  19. I personally liked your whole deal way more in your Wired Chess Support video. Less coffeinish talk. Actually watchable for me. Very much even. I feel disappointed.

  20. 🇺🇦Пиво в руке, мат на доске🇺🇦


  21. Can we just appreciate the fact that the sub count was 69 for the entire video?

  22. out of all the openigns you chose to counter queens gambit declined . guessing u dont love me

  23. Does he always change the titles after an hour or two? lol

  24. It's like watching a car wreck in slow motion

  25. The 4th game looked like something i would have created and im like 650 700

  26. Levy play my Tesla and see if it’s better than a plane or a treadmill

  27. the most instructive episode so far, don't cancel it

  28. this isn't guess the elo this is guess the move

  29. Do you ever think you're bad at chess, like you can't even imagine being 1500 but you know you play better than the games in guess the ELO but can't figure out how to break 1000.

    15:46 this is a great episode

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