MASSIVE WIN | World Chess Championship

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  1. The hoodie is a clear violation of the Geneva Conventions

  2. Levy please make videos of you playing chess and grinding rank

  3. Ian went through Ding's insane maze, played accurately and persistent, played a brilliant move, got his first win, and crossed 2800 for the first time. WHAT A GAME.

  4. I think levy mad at me or maybe youtube he give 10 second un skipable ads and the second one need 5 second to skip😢

  5. Ding needs to play like Magnus in order to beat Nepo

  6. The Rooookkkkkkk was not harmed🤕😂😂

  7. Can't help but think picking Rapport who did by far the worst against Nepo in the candidates is going to bite Ding in future games too.

  8. Dear Levy. Thx for your good content. What about unskippable 20 sec. midroll ads tho? Is that just Youtube kicking those in? Cheers.

  9. h3 drama… a novelty that Ding should review thoroughly…😮😊

  10. FINALLY, im so excited of levy's reaction on h3 haha

  11. It doesn’t surprise me that the recap was outperformed by the cheaters video because I believe many of us are watching the Championship live so we don’t necessarily need the recap immediately. Nevertheless, I am watching this one now because I had stuff to do this morning and missed it. I needed the recap. Thank you so much for your dedication and the great recap!

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